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New Year resolutions

Every year I hear people talk about their New Year resolutions like starting getting fit, eating better, stop shipping, stop smoking etc. and how long does it last if people get started? 😀 you get the picture. I believe we all done this 🙂

What happens with the New Year resolutions?

In the past when happened to me it was because  I wasn’t committed. – I was choosing my New Year resolutions based on should, ought to etc. I hear many resolutions based on  “what other people think of me” you know in all do what is right in the eyes of others.
What I’ve learned over the years is that if I really mean it I’ve to start at once if possible. The if possible is like when I wanted to start with a PT, I had to wait until he had an opening. Yesterday I started at a personal development book – why wait if you really mean it.

A goal or a motivation

Put your heart in it and do it without postponing and more important do it for you and nobody else. Actually give a sh.t about what other people think. This is about you and nobody else. What do you want? Don’t stop smoking if you don’t feel like it and make yourself and everybody else around miserable.
Again it has to be about you and you’ve to find your motivation – not just your goal. Like when I started with an PT I knew I wanted to be stronger! – I could have stopped there, but I carried on with the why – Why working on getting stronger? why endure the pain and soreness? – Because I want to surf and be good at it. I want to feel the waves and ride one standing up more than 1 sec. – I want to “fly“.
Beside that I want to SUP without feeling and looking like Bambi on the ice, and being rewarded with that magical feeling of peace and success of doing something I’m not supposed to be able to.
For me being on the water cleanses my mind and gives me the best meditation.
Another reason for getting fit is that I want to participate in obstacle courses (competitions) not to win but to complete it. This will be a major victory for me because I’m again doing something fun and something I’m not supposed to be able to. As a bonus  I’ll have a strong body which will give me freedom because I can do what I want and my body supports me in stead of being my straight jacket. – You see this is not just a goal for me any more – it’s a motive connected to a feeling and that makes me wanna fight for it.

How do I keep the spirit up?

So if you’re making New Year resolutions take the extra step and find out the motive and feeling behind and write it down or take pictures to remind yourself. I’ve pictures and a couple of movie clips of me on the board and every time I’m thinking of giving up or it’s to hard or disillusioned I just look at the pictures/movie clips. I’ve even contacted the management of one of the hardest obstacle courses in the world and they sent me their poster to my vision board. Beside that when I’m having a hard day at the fitness center I just visualize myself on the board or think about doing the obstacle course to get renewed my energy.
Good luck and a happy new 2016 🙂

I have a dream and I’m going for it

I woke up today (my day off work to study day) and my head was buzzing. Since sunday night I’ve been totally out of sync and I needed grounding, clarity and focus or I will not make it. Therefore, after a good chat with a friend of mine, I sat down and began to write. Instead of just scribbling on a piece of paper that goes on the wall or in a drawer I have chosen to make a page here on my site to hopefully inspire somebody with it. If I can help just one person to keep following his or her dream or to start following a dream it’s all worth it 🙂

It all started long ago but I’ll start last friday. I was so mentally and physically exhausted that I was ready to give up everything. Fortunately I had a session with my PT and I went because I know that when I feel the most reluctant it’s the most important day to go. My PT knows that I’ve done kick-boxing earlier in life and he is good at reading me so when I had nothing left in me he gave me boxing gloves on. Man … my PT know how to get me to fight to the last blood drop kicking and beating.

When I get the gloves on I go into another world – like being 100% in the present and only one focus. Like a meditation where the mind shuts every thing out. The only thing I got was a picture of me on the SUP board on ‪#‎BondiBeach‬ and that kept me going.

All weekend my body was so sore and then one more session monday. I told my PT I was sore and he did just like the kick-boxing trainers I have had – he made me work even harder all the way to physically exhaustion. After the session I sat in the sauna stretching, relaxing and my brain flat lined but he had started a process he made me fight instead of surrendering. Therefore I’m so ready for the next round.

So here is my dream and my blueprint

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