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Clean living body care

Being allergic, intolerant and sensitive to almost every artificial substance is a challenge in our world both for external and internal use. Even before I really got in trouble I was interested in natural skin care and made many things myself. Therefore, I’ve developed my own routine and recipes and I’ll share it all in the section called body and skin care

Bondi Lifeguard Suncare

Bondi SPF 50+ aerosolI’ve at last found a sunscreen I love and that can protect my skin in a good way so I’ve made a whole page about sun care in general 🙂 – read more

I love Bondi Beach and the work the Bondi Lifeguards do. Beside that they help a lot and is also involved in the sunscreen business.

When I was in Sydney, I felt so at home on Bondi at the same I had in front booked a surf instructor, so I needed a good sunscreen to protect my skin when I was out on the water. I knew that with my balance and lack of skill I would probably be some time in the water and I would also need a sunscreen that stayed on when I lied on the board paddling.

So this became the love of my life in the sunscreen ares 🙂

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