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Crazy girls

While being in London I’m living with Natasha from the 101-gang and having a blast. This is a first class hotel and got a warm welcoming in real Zimbabwe style 🙂

Friday Natasha was early off work  and since I love English cartoons and the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie just started, we went to London and we had so much fun.

On the way we had to go through Chinatown which was so beautiful because they had decorated it for the New Year celebration in the weekend.

Climbing to new heights

While being in London I started on of the big points on my 101-list – abseiling which I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Combination with that I found a climbing center where I could go and exercise.

Back in the good old 2007’es I wall climbed and unfortunately had to stop because of a work accident where my hip was damaged. Fortunately I managed to take security class level 1 and 2. Therefore I decided that it’s time to go on the wall and reach new heights and I did it (14 meters) and proudly I’m on a 4,5-5 on the European climbing scale. Considering I couldn’t walk back in the 2011 and have been through a major rehab I’m so happy 😀

I worked with an instructor and have had a blast, so Friday we went into the tower of the castle where the center is and I actually abseiled almost 30 meters twice and not just normal abseiling but free abseiling. That was so much fun, even if I was so nervous the first time that I couldn’t remember to tie my own knots 😀

I hope to continue climbing because I learned that I don’t trust my body even if I’m really strong now thanks to my awesome PT in Norway. Therefore, if I continue, I’ll learn to coordinate my body better and I’ll learn to trust my body again.

Jumping of the cliff

Today is the big day – I’m leaving the well known and heading for London. OK – London I know but it’s the first big step in the direction of “OZ”. I’m so ready for my adventure, a warmer climate and most of all smiling and open people. Already now I’m in heaven because people in Denmark are more smiling than norwegians 🙂

Right now I’m sitting in the Airport of Copenhagen (transfer) and waiting on my airplane listening to old danish music. I love the music back from the 50-60’es+80-90’es because it’s happy music (note to ‘self: don’t sing loudly in the airport). Usually when I’m alone in my PJ, cooking this is what I sometimes listen to while singing loudly and dancing around.

I’ve had some amazing days with respectively my bonus father in Copenhagen and my friend Gunhild in the outback of Denmark. When I say outback I mean where pigs ain’t wearing a license plate, the closest neighbour is a couple of cows and the birds has turned around :-D. By the way I can’t hide I’m a red neck because I love it 😉

I had so much luck that I manage to catch up with 3 other friends too – Thank you so much, so wonderful with some girl-power again :-D.

According to my health, I already are experiencing major progress. The weather is better here in Denmark and Gunhild gave me two zone therapy treatments to help my body cleans after the massive adrenal hormone treatment the last weeks in Norway. Beside that massive amounts of good food and rest work wonders too.

One last thing – when I catch a flight I always buy chocolate to the crew – you should try it and see the smiles you get back. It’s addictive and all worth it – just remember to buy a sealed bag with pieces of chocolates packed separately.

Take care guys and live life 🙂

Tickets all the way to Sydney booked

Got my holiday visa to Australia so now the flights and train rides are booked all the way to Sydney. So excited 🙂

  • I’m leaving Norway on the 29th of January to visit my step father and a good friend in Denmark.
  • February 9th I’m going to London and hopefully make some speeches and visit the 101 gang
  • February 16th I’m heading for Darwin where I’ll stay 2 weeks before I take The Ghan to go on amazing adventures.
  • I’ll get a couple of days in Adelaide where I’m going to see the Kangaroo Island as priority #1 before I’ll take the train with an amazing ride through the Blue Mountains to Sydney.
  • So the 9th of March I’ll be back in Sydney and I’m so looking forward to it. I hope to have 1-2 weeks of boot camp and paperwork in Sydney before leaving for New Zealand and if possible ride across USA in June on a ATV to honour my parents who both died of cancer. It’s my hope to make this a charity trip to raise money for cancer research. How I do it I don’t know but today I took a major step towards making my dream a reality.

The last week I’ve sold a lot of stuff because I’ll only pack the most important things to get stored in Denmark and on my trip I only need necessities 🙂

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