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Day 3+4 – Pro life action

Today I didn’t have time to announce what I wanted to do before so I’ll tell you what I’ve done. Today I’ve given away a lot of stuff to people who was so grateful for getting a little hand in their life. At the same time I helped myself because I needed to get the stuff out of my house.

Tomorrow I’ll give five strangers compliments.

Day 2 – pro life action

Today I’ll have a quiet day and the only thing I’ve  to do is to go to the city to do one little thing, so therefore today my  “pro life action” will be to write a message to a handful of cyber friends that has supported my thought the years and thank them for their support. People I haven’t met.

Get happy

Life  has its ups and downs and being single means that I’ve to be my own hero therefore I’ve made a happy list. – why because when the downs are worst it’s hard to remember what is good so by having a list I can go and get ideas of what to do and shift my mood to happy. It doesn’t take a lot you know, that is why I’m sharing my list so you can get som inspiration to make your own.

Happy list

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