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Facing the fear – helicopter ride

At last I did it – I concurred my fear of flying in helicopters and actually did it three times on one day. This was one of my 101 things to do and at last I did it 😀

I went on a trip with Outback Floatplane Adventures owned by (Matt Wright from Outback wrangler, National Geographics) and had a blast. The trip started when I was picked up and this amazing lady from the company was there. In the harbour we’re picked up in helicopters (because of wet season) and flew out to Sweets Lagoon. The flight was a huge challenge for me but I managed to concur my fear so much that I could enjoy the view. I was surprised to see how green everything was.

When we arrived 2 ladies (Leigh and Tanay) were our hostesses and we started on the open “house boat” with eating a well prepared breakfast by Munro our cook, boat driver and pilot, while we sailed in the larger canals in the area.

After a nice quiet tour we returned to the platform and then the fun part started – we got into the airboat and we had a tour in the more impassable areas. We saw white bellied eagles, 2 crocodile nests and yes mommy watched us (we only saw her eyes just over the water level), a cow farm, different places were the croc’s had their feast etc. Our guide Munro knew so much about the area and what to look for that it was so amazing to listen to.

In the next time slot we took turns to get a guided helicopter trip over the area, swim in the croc safe pool, fish from the back of the boat and just relax on the house boat, where we had free access to all we need (water, tea, lemonades, toilet, shade, sun). I started with the helicopter tour and sat in front this time and that was so much better. On the tour I was stunned to see termite nests and some of them were so huge. Munro showed me how big the termite nests were by going down beside one.

When we returned Otis the male crocodile in the area was just near the platform to take a look at the lot there. It was amazing to see a real crocodile and we’re told that he’d taken a shine to one of the girls working there so he could be a little cheeky. While the others got their helicopter trip I fished for the first time in ? years and I really enjoyed it. I also hopped into the cage but Otis was cheeky so he wouldn’t “play” with us. At least we got a dip in the water and cooled a little down.

The last thing before going home was one more trip in the airboat in another area of Sweet Lagoon and I loved it.

I would love to recommend this trip because there is not trained animals, jumping crocodile etc. It’s a crew that really are into doing things the good way and they did an amazing job on making this an unforgettable day for every guest 🙂

That day I got at couple of illusions form TV broken and I love that ;-D – we didn’t have to run to the helicopter in a bending/crawling posture when the rotors were active and the wind when it lifted was not like the ones I’ve seen on the TV.

This day I actually got a couple of things ticked off on my list so loved it.

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Facing the biggest fear

Fear isn’t real – or that is what a lot of wise  people says. It’s all in the head – YES – I know! but f*ck it’s real to me and my body reacts when it happens. It’s so embarrassing because I’m a “girl in glove”-fighter, bungee jumping, zip-lining, pole climbing kinda girl.

According to a lot of research #1 fear is speaking in front of a lot of people – yes I do get nervous and sweaty, but I can do it.

So what is my fears – spiders no – find them intriguing but allergic to them so not going to get into a close relationship with those guys 😉

For me it’s flying in helicopters or small airplanes beside that being under water in a “tin can” like a sub-marine. And yes it’s real fear because I hyperventilate, sweat, cries etc. – so annoying. Therefore I’m going to face my fears on my trip to down under, so in Darwin I’m going on a excursion where there is a helicopter in the game. In Sydney I’ll take a tandem skydiving jump from 14.000 feet in a tiny airplane – that should cure it 😀

The best thing is that after I’ve decided to do it, it doesn’t seem so bad and I’ve begun go look forward to it 🙂

So guys facing the fear is the best you can do – set yourself free. Just remember a little controllable fear is good so we don’t go out and jump out from a house believing we can fly. PLUS controllable fear can be a great catalyzer if you learn to use the fear in a good way. I had to learn to do it when I teach and … YES – I’m still pretty nervous before I’ve a class or a speech, but as soon as I get started somehow I manage to turn the fear into something good.

You know there is always something good in everything that happens 🙂


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