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New recipe – body booster wrap

BodyboosterwrapWhen i make a new dish I always takes pictures and often share them on my facebook/instagram/twitter. This time I was asked for the recipe from several people, so here it comes – the recipe for my wrap of spinach pancakes with homemade mayo, salmon and avocado. 🙂

The challenge called breakfast (recipe)

chia choco puddingLife gets just to boring if I eat the same every day so I’ve started experimenting with chia seeds. On top of that I’m excluding another source of gluten (the gluten-free oats are filled with husks and I get desperate when I in each mouthful have to spit one to several husks out again).

The reason why I’ve begun to add chia seeds to my diet is the high level of omega acids and minerals. At the same time it taste like dessert and who doesn’t like to eat dessert for breakfast and still maintain a healthy lifestyle.

My first result is my chia choco pudding.

Major changes after the Australia trip

Being in Australia has changed my life quite a lot in the good way. I got new goals and a life purpose to follow. At the same time I have pictures hanging of my paddling to remind me about the feelings I had on the water, so I can keep the momentum. I had great help from my surf trainer just because he took me out on the water. Being one with the ocean was so amazing and I love it. I have missed it so much.

So I haven’t used any internet games etc. since I came home and I love that.
I started exercising on my job yesterday (there are a fitness center and a big gym hall).
Next week I start dancing swing again and hopefully this time I can finish the class so I can start a level higher next time.
I’m also looking into starting swimming again.
I’ve taken a IELTS pre-test and scored 42 out of 50, so a little job before the big test, but I was surprised positively.
My days are suddenly having to few hours and I’m loving it.

And the best I’m so inspired according to diet from Australia. It’s so easy down there to live the way I want to: organic, gluten-free, sugar-free and clean living. They have amazing products we can’t get here in Scandinavia. So at home again I gave away all my spelt products even though it was put away so I didn’t use it. And I’m finding shops where I can get better products and also some organic food. So now I know how I can survive here until I hopefully can move to Australia. The only thing is that I’m still in a process so I’ve to find a substitute for my raw rice. But all comes when it’s supposed to.

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