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A lot on my plate

Dearest all of you.

I’ll be quiet the next days but I’m carrying on with my Pro Life Actions. My life is one big chaos right now in the good way. Since my commune closes and I’ve to be out the 13th of December I’m working hard on getting ready to move.

This weekend I’ve sold/given away a lot of my stuff. Soon I’ll only have what I’m travelling with.

In my few hours of spare time I’m working hard on getting my personal papers digitalised and getting the papers I need in the future translated and certified.

At last but not least I’m contacting Australian authorities and universities to make future plans after my travelling are done.

This is a lot of work but I’m so happy to do it because it’s my dream 🙂

It’s the final count down

2015-10-31 11.39.03-2Today I found an old measure tape so I made a quick count on days left and cut the tape at 92 cm. Now I’m ready to cut one centimeter for each day until I leave for my great adventure and starts on a fresh page 🙂

My plans today are totally changed because my stuff is selling faster than I thought. My ski are gone etc. It feels so good just to get my stuff out of the house. It’s like freedom in a way I never imagined and I’m loving it.

Like my stepfather said it’s probably gonna be 3 very long months but then I’ve time to get all done like check-up at the dentist and MD, legal stuff like closing everything down here in Norway, tax, bank accounts, insurance while traveling, visa, tickets, renew my passport at the embassy etc.

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