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Do it anyway

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 21.00.50I learned an important lesson today.

A guy I follow called Lasse Tufte put a challenge out on the internet. Do a plank on the elbows with the feet on the wall and take the time. I didn’t think I could do it but decided to try it out.

Since my PT cancelled our lesson I went to the gym and took a trip in the hamster wheel to warm up and break a little sweat. Then I tried and I surprised myself big time. I managed to hold it for 45 sec.  – Therefore I’ll try not to judge myself/determined what I’m capable of before trying it out or just do it anyway 😉

So proud of myself today – I take this as major progress 🙂



Bumblebee girl on mission possible

Something weird has happened – I woke up after a really bad night and weird enough I’ve a peace in me that I haven’t had in many years. It’s so lovely and I really hope it’s there to stay.

I’ve had 1,5 week at home after the toxic reaction and my dyspraxia has freaked out because of it in a way I don’t think ever has happened before. Fortunately there’s normally years between getting a toxic reaction and this time it some medication (lucky me I usually don’t use any medication). But right now I can’t hide my dyspraxia because it’s the motor part and somehow I don’t care any more. It’s who I’m and if people can’t love me or just like me for it, there is nothing I can do about it. It’ll come out and people will see it so shit happens and as a mate back from school send me a quote on – Wabi Sabi – I’m just finding the beauty in my imperfection and accepting the natural cycle  😉

I know I’ve amazing people walking beside me like my PT, my surf trainer, “The 101 things to do when you survive”-gang some of my colleagues and friends around the world (and yes I don’t have friends like that here but I’ve friends who are only a phone call or a text away).

So with a little help from some of my dear friends the last days, I’m starting a new chapter of my life which we call Bumblebee girl on mission possible. Mission possible is somehow being allowed to immigrate to Australia.

It will take time because instead of pushing it all, I’ll start working with the flow taking on decision at a time and take one step. Then see where I’m and then take a decision from that perspective. I shouldn’t be surprised if this process actually works faster  😀

I’ve been so desperate to emigrate away from the cold and Norway that it became a fight but it’s should be a positive walk towards making my dreams come though 🙂

Now I’ll wash my face (cried writing this) and then I’ll take a walk because the more I move the faster my body becomes my friend again 🙂

Published on facebook 25-09-15

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