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Crazy girls

While being in London I’m living with Natasha from the 101-gang and having a blast. This is a first class hotel and got a warm welcoming in real Zimbabwe style 🙂

Friday Natasha was early off work  and since I love English cartoons and the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie just started, we went to London and we had so much fun.

On the way we had to go through Chinatown which was so beautiful because they had decorated it for the New Year celebration in the weekend.

Reach your exercise goals faster – Get a PT

Bekkestua SATS

Bekkestua SATS

When I returned from Australia in February I knew I had to change my life and one area was to get much stronger. In the autumn I was 2 months in bed and 3 months on crutches because of the shingles and it cost me a lot of strength. I needed that strength back and build an even stronger body than that. Therefore I got a PT and did the impossible possible 🙂 – read more about my experience and advice on getting a PT when you live with dyspraxia

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