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Reach your exercise goals faster – Get a PT

Bekkestua SATS

Bekkestua SATS

When I returned from Australia in February I knew I had to change my life and one area was to get much stronger. In the autumn I was 2 months in bed and 3 months on crutches because of the shingles and it cost me a lot of strength. I needed that strength back and build an even stronger body than that. Therefore I got a PT and did the impossible possible 🙂 – read more about my experience and advice on getting a PT when you live with dyspraxia

Fallen in love with trigger point technique

Been doing trigger point for a couple of weeks now with my PT and started at home. This technique is magic and so easy to use. If it hurts there’s an area to release some tension in and you’re in full control of what to happens.

The benefits are major so read more on the site I made about it.

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