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Do it anyway

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 21.00.50I learned an important lesson today.

A guy I follow called Lasse Tufte put a challenge out on the internet. Do a plank on the elbows with the feet on the wall and take the time. I didn’t think I could do it but decided to try it out.

Since my PT cancelled our lesson I went to the gym and took a trip in the hamster wheel to warm up and break a little sweat. Then I tried and I surprised myself big time. I managed to hold it for 45 sec.  – Therefore I’ll try not to judge myself/determined what I’m capable of before trying it out or just do it anyway 😉

So proud of myself today – I take this as major progress 🙂



Reach your exercise goals faster – Get a PT

Bekkestua SATS

Bekkestua SATS

When I returned from Australia in February I knew I had to change my life and one area was to get much stronger. In the autumn I was 2 months in bed and 3 months on crutches because of the shingles and it cost me a lot of strength. I needed that strength back and build an even stronger body than that. Therefore I got a PT and did the impossible possible 🙂 – read more about my experience and advice on getting a PT when you live with dyspraxia

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