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First stop Copenhagen

IMG_3269 copyThe ride of my life has started and I’m so relieved :). I started Friday on my new life and first stop was Copenhagen. I was lucky to meet up with an amazing danish lady Ulla from my fitness center in the airport so time went fast. In Copenhagen I’m visiting my bonus father Knud and as always we’re having a really good time 🙂

IMG_3270 copySaturday we went shopping and I’d forgotten how amazing it is to shop in a place where there is lots of organic fruit and vegetables. I’m  in heaven and loving it 🙂

Later we went to Gladsaxe Hallen and saw The Danish Championship in in-door rowing where Knud’s granddaughter won her class. Normally I’m a sports ignorant but I like watching when somebody I know is participating and on top Astrid did an amazing job. I got so inspired but I know rowing is out of my reach because of my IMG_3290 copyback but I’m so going to get strong and start participating in military/obstacle races 🙂

Today – Monday – I had invited Knud on a very old restaurant called “Det Lille Apotek” (The small pharmacy) for a early celebration of his upcoming birthday. As a bonus I could check of a point on my 101 things to do when you survive list. The place is quiet famous in Copenhagen because of the amazing service and traditional danish food. We got a fish dish called “stjerneskud” (shooting star). It’s a steamed and a butter fried flounder filet served with asparagus, scrimps, caviar, slices of lemon and dill. We’re still full 😀

The weather is typical grey danish winter so it IMG_3317 copyrains and is windy but we take a walk every day and beside that I get a lot of needed rest and sleep. Beside that I’ve prepared my luggage for my trip so all is ready for my adventure 🙂

A lot on my plate

Dearest all of you.

I’ll be quiet the next days but I’m carrying on with my Pro Life Actions. My life is one big chaos right now in the good way. Since my commune closes and I’ve to be out the 13th of December I’m working hard on getting ready to move.

This weekend I’ve sold/given away a lot of my stuff. Soon I’ll only have what I’m travelling with.

In my few hours of spare time I’m working hard on getting my personal papers digitalised and getting the papers I need in the future translated and certified.

At last but not least I’m contacting Australian authorities and universities to make future plans after my travelling are done.

This is a lot of work but I’m so happy to do it because it’s my dream 🙂

Jumping of the edge

1991 bungee jumping copyThis morning it stroke me that what I’m doing, by quitting my job and go traveling and following my dream, is just like the first time I bungee jumped. Going there and getting the equipment on is exciting. Standing on the edge just before the jump and looking down gives major reactions in the body like the stomach makes somersaults, butterflies in the throat, jelly in the knees, and the brain is flat-lining. Then while slowly leaning over the edge to start the jump the whole body including the brain thinks “I’m going to die” and then while flying thought the air that seems to take several minutes (1-2 seconds in reality) the feeling turns into pure joy and loving life because of the amazing feeling of being weightless and flying and just realise that all is good.

Looking back at the last 10 months I can see the patterns. The excitement, the fear, the I’m so going to die if I do it etc. but now after taking the decision and just letting go I’m thrilled and so believe in it all and the feeling that all is good is so wonderful and I’ll “fly”. Now I just feel like 91 days left is way to long time but at the same time there are so many things to do so in the end those days will be appreciated 🙂

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