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Reach your exercise goals faster – Get a PT

Bekkestua SATS

Bekkestua SATS

When I returned from Australia in February I knew I had to change my life and one area was to get much stronger. In the autumn I was 2 months in bed and 3 months on crutches because of the shingles and it cost me a lot of strength. I needed that strength back and build an even stronger body than that. Therefore I got a PT and did the impossible possible 🙂 – read more about my experience and advice on getting a PT when you live with dyspraxia

Take care on the internet :-)

Guys I’ll share a little story with you from my life 🙂

About 2 month ago (I think) I got a request from a young guy in India to connect. Before accepting we had a chat and he seemed ok – didn’t have the usual signs as the scammers have.

After a couple of weeks he asked to call me aunty and that was ok with me. We had short chats along the weeks.

Then this Thursday I think, he contacted me and was all about how poor he was and money this and money that. I told him that he wouldn’t get any money from me. After a oh no it wasn’t about that he asked if he could send me money to invest because “I was his only chance to get out of poverty”. I know from media etc. that I’m 99% sure to get my account ripped if I did it so I said no (and I didn’t feel like it either – my alarms were activated).

When I said that he couldn’t be that poor, since he lived in India and had access to a computer on daily basis at home and went to college, he got a fit and directly informed me that I had to have money since I’m working on moving to Australia if possible.

So the end is: I blocked him and is very glad that I’m a sceptic when people I’ve no connection with contacts me out of the blue.

Take care especially you single women – this guy played on all the emotional feelings single women have and had I fallen for it I would probably been in a sticky wicky

The 5 love languages

My favorite book #1

There’s made a song about the 5 love languages and it’s actually a weird story about how I heard it the first time.

About 2 weeks ago I found a audio file in my main folder in my dropbox, and I’ve no idea how it ended there. I only share files in dropbox with one person and that person shouldn’t have access to my main folder and I asked and the other part haven’t uploaded a song. Big mystery 🙂

But no matter what, I got so happy listening to the song because it’s about my favorite book. It’s about all that I stand for. Who ever did it made me very happy because the melody describes what means so much to me. And I love listening to songs about the positive and happy stuff in life.

If you want to know more about the 5 love languages then click here

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