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Day 2-3 – in Hiroshima – What do you focus on?

I love Hiroshima and I’ll return since I’m leaving today and I haven’t seen half of what this area has to offer.

Before I went to Hiroshima I met several people telling me, that the 2 days I chose to stay in Hiroshima was more than enough, because Hiroshima is a sad place to be. Why? – because of the many reminders of bombing back in the second world war. Of course, I saw the peace park and the places under rebuilding, but I get inspired by it since people here are living their lives and rebuilding the city. Even the castle is being rebuild so I see a city that is raising itself from the dust with pride and what could be more inspiring? I haven’t met one Japanese talking about the bombing or treated anybody I’ve seen with disrespect, hate or like. This is something a lot of other nationalities could learn from. I haven’t met anybody taking on the victim role instead I see the mentality of a people standing together.

It’s all about how you choose to see life and things. Do you hang on to the past or do you focus on the present and future? Do you stand together in dark times or do you sit down and chose to become the victim? It’s all about choice. We might not be able to change the circumstances but we’ve the choice of how to react. Yes admitted sometimes it takes a little time and even a friendly kick to turn a situation around to a positive perspective but it can be done and it makes life so much easier.

Today I’m leaving for Tokyo and I’m so excited even though I could have used 3-4 days more here.

The food here is amazing and even with my challenges I’ve been eating well every day.

The hostel K’s house is recommendable for everything – it’s really a good place to stay.

If you’ve a Japan Rail pass you can ride for free in the loop sightseeing buses.

So see you again Hiroshima


5 days left in the cold weather and in Norway. I’m so looking forward to my next chapter in my life, especially today since I’ve a lot of problem breathing 🙂
But you know I’ve a choice and therefore I choose to accept I’m so tired today because I lack oxygen.

My lungs hurt when I breath and the skin in my face hurts especially when I’m outside in the freezing weather.
But you know I’ve a choice and therefore I choose to smile because I’m grateful for every breath I take and for being alive.

My gums are bleeding, I’ve dry skin and my nails are crazy from the medicine which helps my lungs and my cold allergy until I’m in warmer weather.
But you know I’ve a choice and therefore I choose to be happy because I know that life gets so much easier being happy.

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