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Change of plans – yepiii

People say holidays are relaxing!!! – 😀 Nooootttt – but fun YES.

I’ve several blog texts lying waiting for release but I’ve had some technical challenges to work out and time issues, but I’ll come 🙂

I was heading for New Zealand after my trip to Cairns but that is all changed now. I’ve to take a PTE and a senior first aid test before leaving, so I’ll return to Sydney after the Cains trip and stay an extra month and I’m ready to leave the 27th of April. Since it’ll be winter in New Zealand I’ll head for USA instead.

Therefore I checked it out and I got a good offer where I get the chance to visit my stepfather in Copenhagen, DK first and then in May I leave for New York where I’ll travel across to San Fransisco.

Then I’ll fly to Hawaii and have a good time there 🙂 then I’ll hopefully know if I need to take 3-6 months of intensive English in Sydney to improve and have a change to get a sponsorship.

Got to love having the freedom to change the plans like I have now 🙂

Feeding the fish

This is an amazing idea in Darwin that I enjoyed a lot – about 2 hours a day this fish park opens and for 15 dollars you get in and you feed the fish. If you take the steps down you’ll have fish around your feet, and you have big fish coming up and taking the bread from your hand. The fish ain’t in captivity or trained. It’s fish knowing that they can get a food for “free”.

There’s a lady guiding the crowd and explaining about the fish. Just be aware that some areas you can’t go into the water because of the stingers and the sting rays.

They were: Cat fish, Diamond Scale Mullet, Gumphead Batfish, Queensland Groper mm.


5 days left in the cold weather and in Norway. I’m so looking forward to my next chapter in my life, especially today since I’ve a lot of problem breathing 🙂
But you know I’ve a choice and therefore I choose to accept I’m so tired today because I lack oxygen.

My lungs hurt when I breath and the skin in my face hurts especially when I’m outside in the freezing weather.
But you know I’ve a choice and therefore I choose to smile because I’m grateful for every breath I take and for being alive.

My gums are bleeding, I’ve dry skin and my nails are crazy from the medicine which helps my lungs and my cold allergy until I’m in warmer weather.
But you know I’ve a choice and therefore I choose to be happy because I know that life gets so much easier being happy.

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