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Wildlife on Kangaroo Island

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This was a very long day but all worth it. I chose a one day trip and I chose to upgrade to the company Kangaroo Island Odysses making more personalized trips.

We were only a nine people (I think) in the bus and we’re picked up at the ferry by Nikki our guide for the day. Nikki was so amazing and her knowledge was breathtaking, because I could hear that Kangaroo Island is her life and it means so much to her.

First we went and saw kangaroos and the way she told us to act in the nature made the kangaroos pretty safe with our presence so we got really close and got some amazing pictures.

The amazing part about having this trip was that beside seeing the obvious things on Kangaroo Island we stopped when there were exciting things to see like a little wallaby sitting by his bush on the side of the road. Beside that several of us was interested in seeing the eucalyptus distillery so we managed to squeeze a short stop in there.

We had a tea break at a breach where we saw dolphins surfing in the waves and it was so amazing.

Lunch was magical with a beautiful arranged table in a tent with open sides under the eucalyptus trees so we could see nature around us.This is actually the best food I’ve had in a long time and I get diet food which normally is more a “hungry-mans-dinner” – no not here –  the girls in the kitchen had made a huge effort to give me a tasty gourmet meal and it was. Absolutely to die for.

After we went on a koala watch in the area that was private owned so we had it all to ourselves and they were so cute. Most of them was awake so again amazing pictures.

Then it was a seal time at Seal Bay and that was again an amazing experience. We had seal pups running up to us and looking at us from a short distance, seal surfing the waves, young males fighting for “fun” some were even training for mating season.

This trip was an epic experience for me and I would love to return to see more of the island and especially listen more to our guide Nikki. The weather wasn’t sunny but that was the best part because then all the animals are active in daytime instead of hiding from the heat. This was an amazing day.

Tickets all the way to Sydney booked

Got my holiday visa to Australia so now the flights and train rides are booked all the way to Sydney. So excited 🙂

  • I’m leaving Norway on the 29th of January to visit my step father and a good friend in Denmark.
  • February 9th I’m going to London and hopefully make some speeches and visit the 101 gang
  • February 16th I’m heading for Darwin where I’ll stay 2 weeks before I take The Ghan to go on amazing adventures.
  • I’ll get a couple of days in Adelaide where I’m going to see the Kangaroo Island as priority #1 before I’ll take the train with an amazing ride through the Blue Mountains to Sydney.
  • So the 9th of March I’ll be back in Sydney and I’m so looking forward to it. I hope to have 1-2 weeks of boot camp and paperwork in Sydney before leaving for New Zealand and if possible ride across USA in June on a ATV to honour my parents who both died of cancer. It’s my hope to make this a charity trip to raise money for cancer research. How I do it I don’t know but today I took a major step towards making my dream a reality.

The last week I’ve sold a lot of stuff because I’ll only pack the most important things to get stored in Denmark and on my trip I only need necessities 🙂

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