Bumblebee Girl on Mission Possible

Chocolate oat snacks

I’ve made these all the way back in my childhood and since that my diet has been changes radically, so I’ve change this recipe too. I’m keeping my intake of milk-products as low as possible and therefore I use this recipe as my kind of chocolate.

50 g butter (room temperature)

50-75 g coconut fat

1 dl cacao

3-4 tablespoons coconut sugar (low GI)

5 dl oat

Mix butter, coconut fat and cacao to a smooth mix.

Add the coconut sugar and taste if it needs more. If yes add it.

Mix it all with the oat.

Pour it in a glass pan with lock and cool it down in the refrigerator.

When it’s cold you can make squares and serve it.

You can also roll it to balls before cooling down and roll them in shredded coconut or nuts.

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