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I was borned a ginger, so I really have to be careful when I’m outside in the sun. Here in ScandiBondi SPF 50+ aerosolnavia I just need factor  30 and all is good, but

  • In Australia – oh man I learned fast :-D. I needed 50+ and I found a brand called Bondi Lifeguard Suncare. It’s the best I’ve ever tried. It is made for sportspeople and it’s a spray. After buying one I only got burned when I forgot to use it or when I was so naive that I went out surfing in very cloudy weather without sunscreen. I also covered my body up after some hours sun :o)
    My nose was a different story – I needed zink cream on it when I was on the water. That is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever put in my face but it’s needed down under, so no mercy 😉
  • In Texas it was factor 70+

According to sun protection I haven’t found anything that goes under clean living but I’m not gonna get my skin damages because of the sun. So here my safety is to be protected from the UV’s. And only the best is good enough for my skin. I do the clean living on so many other areas so I hope it’s all good. I didn’t have any reactions on the sunscreen I used in Sydney.


Treatment of normal sunburns

I use different methods for sunburns and only burns covering less than 9-18% of the body depending on what parts are burned. Anything else is a trip to the doctor especially if it’s a ring burn (a burn going all the way around f.ex. a leg or arm) because burns can constrict so it can affect the blood circulation.

  • Lavender oil is amazing to all kinds of burns but if the skin is broken it hurts like h… So this is a method I’m not using to children or people who can’t take a high level of pain. My experience is that the skin also need some kind of cream to soften the skin and preventing the skin from constricting too much. Lavender is really good right when it happens because it goes into the body and produces a substance that stops the production of lactic acid which is one of the chemicals that the body releases when the burn starts and that is painful. Lavender also works as an antihistamine in the body. It can also be used in the healing process but I prefer Aloe Vera.
  • Honey (organic) is both disinfecting and healing. It also prevents fluid from evaporating from the body. But it can sting a little and is very greasy to use. If I use it, I put a good layer on the area and then I put a piece of plastic over that I tape to the skin. Then I cover it with a band-aid (water proof if possible). But if the burn covers a large area I use cloth diapers to cover the area up. It has 2 functions – the cloths isn’t getting greasy and the burned area is protected a little more.
  • Aloe Vera spray or gel – also both disinfecting and healing and my favorite to sunburns. I buy the spray version and I soak my skin in it and it heals so good. I also use it for major scrapes (abrasions) if I’ve fallen, when I’m active.

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