Bumblebee Girl on Mission Possible

Skincare and hygiene

For me hygiene is important and skin care is a major part of life quality for me. So at last I’ve found a way that works for me here in Scandinavia

  • I shower every day or every second day and I’m using baby oil natural on my body. Beside that I only use water. I prefer to take a shower in the evening to avoid wet skin and hair in the morning. I live in a country where it’s cold most of the year and if the skin is wet there is a risk of frost bites. If the hair gets frozen it can break.
  • I wash myself every morning with water (the skin finds its own balance if you let it).
  • Once a week I use a sponge to peel dead skin of my face and a hemp-glove to the body.
  • I use essential oils for unclean skin, when I occasionally get a pimple.
  • To moisturizer my skin I used a line of products from Body Shop made for sensitive skin based on aloe vera. But right now I’m using pure coconut oil in the face to see how that works. On my body I don’t need any kind of body lotion because I use baby oil when I shower and drink a lot of water.

When I was in Australia I needed to take one to two baths each day and the combination of saltwater, sand and sun still has to be solved because the hair gets stiff 🙂

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