Bumblebee Girl on Mission Possible


Make-up is still a problem so I only wear it when I’ve to look extra good, like to a party or a special occasion, and then I only use mineral based make-up. I use the make-up to underline my facial lines, so I keep a very natural look. If possible I use powder to cover the differences in pigmentation in my face as much as possible.



I loose my eyelashes when I use mascara in my daily life but I love the way it makes my eyes shine. I’ve tried colouring my eye lashes but then my tear channels got cloaked and I can’t wear contact lenses. Therefore, I’m looking very natural in my daily life.


Remove the make-up

The “guff” needs to be removed to after use 😉 – So the easiest way is to just take a disposable dry washing cloth (gaze) and almond oil. After the make-up is removed I remove the almond oil again with another dry cloth. Easy and no chemicals is used.

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