Bumblebee Girl on Mission Possible

Dental care

Dental care is so important because toothache not fun and I react on most local anesthetics so I just have to keep my teeth shiny. In my family there’s also a lot of problems with periodontitis and I’m not going to be in that group.

Around millenium I got the messages to keep away from all kinds of artificial sweeteners and since most toothpaste are based on that I had to be creative. Thought the years I’ve developed my own routine and as my dentist say: “what ever I’m doing. It’s working for me”. So this is my routine:

  • I brush my teeth with an electric brush every day morning and evening – since 2000 I’ve used toothpaste all natural and without fluoride
  • I airfloss my teeth in the evening
  • I do oil-pulling with coconut oil several times a week in the evening time
  • I use a retainer every night since I:
    • grinding my teeth like paid for it
    • got my teeth majorly rearranged in my twenties (still have to help my teeth stay in place)
  • I’m starting on getting better in using dental floss – I’ve had a hard time controlling that one but now I got this little helper to do it so might be fun now 😉

Here is a very good and informative you-tube about oil pulling:

At the same time I’ve chosen a dentist who is specialised in fear of dentists. I’ve very few fears but the ones I’ve are severe and dentist are one of them. But the good thing is that now I can go to the dentist without crying and hyperventilating. How, I’ll react on a different dentist, I don’t know but here I’m safe and it’s like visiting a good friend for at chat.

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