Bumblebee Girl on Mission Possible

Body and skin care

Since I’m allergic to almost all artificial substances having a skin care routine can be a challenge. But I love a good challenge and I’ve found some good solutions for me. At the same time it’s made for Scandinavian climate, so if you try it out be aware of the effect the climate you live in has on you.

Organic products and rashes

I learned very fast that just because a product is called organic isn’t the same as not containing substances that I react on. Actually I reacted more on the organic and “health”-safe products. I got so tired of having rashes so I stopped using skin care. That was clean living but it began to feel like living in a 2 size to small body condom. I become desperate because it’s more fun to live feeling a little sexy and not like a dried out peach 😉

Essential oils

In the 90’s I got interested in natural skin care and essential oils but the essential oils at that time was of such a poor quality, that I never grew into it. When, I made cremes and tried to heal wounds, I began to make my own “brew” from plants. In 2008, when I was taking some classes in The States, I met a woman who presented me to a line of essential oils. For the first time I didn’t have any negative reactions. But they weren’t approved for sale in Europe. In 2011 when another friend of my visited me I once more was presented to the oils and now they were approved in Europe. So from that day I’ve been using a lot of essential oils in my daily life and loving it.

What do I do today

I always work on finding more or better solutions but right now this is my routine.

This is a routine build for Scandinavian climate:

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