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Paleo diet

This is a diet that I’ll get more and more into. Simply explained the paleo diet is about eating meat, fish, shellfish, vegetables, egg, fruit, berries and nuts. The main part of the diet is meat and vegetables. All food is made from wholefood.

Paleo is about avoiding diary, grains, sugar, legumes and all processed  products (incl. all artificial).

So for a girl like me that reacts on f.ex. gluten, diarys, soy, beans and all artificial substances this is a very good solution. I’m still in a the transition so I need to learn more. and therefore I still use a little greek yoghurt, peas, potatoes and raw rice. And if I stopped with it I don’t know since a Danish archeologist have proved through his research that Danish people in the stone age lived from roots and seeds that contained starch/long carbohydrates.

It was so much easier to live this way when I was in Sydney, Australia because they have a wide range of vegetables and fruit. Getting organic products was so easy and the health stores were to die for.

In Scandinavia the vegetables and fruit often are of a very poor quality and they often haven’t seen much sun. They’re riped by the use of gas or radiation. I travel to Denmark regularly to visit my stepfather and in the street where he lives they have an amazing health store where I do a lot of shopping. So I do my best to live as poor as possible.

Source: Wikipedia denmark

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