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Trigger point

After I returned from Australia my surf trainer Dean Gladstone shared a you-tube about trigger point therapy and it caught my attention. Then I started with a PT to regain my mobility in my hip after 3 months on crutches where 2 months were 90% in bed not moving. He uses the trigger point as a warm up + to see my physical state. He has taught me a little about what he is looking for when he makes me torture myself ;-). So when I got my pay-check from work I bought a trigger ball and a foam roller and it’s magic.

The benefits are major:

  • increases body control
  • self massage to release tension in the muscles
  • releasing muscles spasm’s
  • self-care
  • getting in touch with the body
  • a mild work-out where the muscles are warmed up and can be used before a good work-out.

I won’t lie it hurts when I find one of the good spots but just like with a thorough massage it’s so good afterwards. The good thing is that you decide how much pressure you use and yes I look like a stranded whale on the floor but who cares 😉 as long as it works.

Since 2011 I’ve had problems with spasm in the feet and calves, one of the benefits from a flu that damaged my nerve system back in 2011. I’ve depended on if possible daily massages so my toes didn’t place themselves on the top of my feet.

My surf lessons changed a several things for me because it healed a lot of issues in my body. The trigger point is an important part in this process since it gives me a way to maintain my body and releasing muscles tensions.

Another benefit for me is that because I’m borned with dyspraxia I’ve poor body control. This is helping me get better control of my body and I get in contact with my body.

In all it has given me a way to check in with my body and increase my well-being without depending on help from others.

The YouTube’s I’ve used to learn from is beside what I’ve learned from my PT:

Trigger point ball technique

Trigger point foam roller technique

Trigger point ball neck massage

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