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Essential Oils

I have tried different brands of essential oils over the years but reacted on them. So in 2008 I met a woman while staying in the States who presented me for a brand called doTerra. For the first time I had no reactions and I use the oils on a daily basis.

The problem was that the brand wasn’t approved for sale in Europe. But then in 2011 a friend of my came and presented me for the same brand again. Now it was approved in Europe so I was so happy. Since that I’ve been using oils to a lot of things.

Before using the oils I made m own brew, but now I’m not using the time because I can’t make a brew that potent and clean.

doTerra is a brand where every batch is tested so it can be certified CPTG. No oil is alcohol extracted only destilled or pressed.


Why I use essential oils

I’m very sensitive in my body and one thing I react on is artificial components like most medications are. So I often have to find alternative ways if possible because the sideeffects often more severe for me.


My recipes

Here are a couple of my well-tested blends that can’t be bought 🙂

Sprain and contucsion blend:

Mix deep blue with frankincense (1:1) and rub it into the skin. Combine it with the normal R.I.C.E. treatment.

Menopause sleep blend:

This works for many women but not all.

  • 30 dr. Cypress  (cardio, muscles, bones, menopause)
  • 40 dr. Orange (digest, immune, emotions, skin)
  • 20 dr. Clary Sage (hormonal)
  • 20 dr. Ylang Ylang (emotions, hormonal, cardiovascular)
  • 20 dr. Geramium (emotions)

Mix in a roll-on bottle and roll it on just before sleep on the neck.

Speed up the growth/reconnection of nerves:

  • 50 dr. Frankincense
  • 50 dr. Lemongrass
  • 10-150 dr. Fractionated coconut oil

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