Bumblebee Girl on Mission Possible


Attitude is everything in life. It’s all about how you react on different circumstances in life or to say it more provocing – how do you choose to react.

Since 2006 I’ve worked on becoming a positive thinker and I’ve come pretty far, but I still have a lot to learn :-).

I got a mirror in my surf trainer in Sydney. He was such a positive thinker, that I couldn’t reach his knees 😉 It was so amazing to get a wake-up call like that. I love when I meet people there is so much further in their personal development than me, so I can get inspired.

Since the beginning of 2011 I’ve been though a lot of stress (big-time) and life has been and still is so overwhelming some days. But each morning when I wake up I choose to be happy and smile. I do that because it makes my life so much easier to live. Of course I’ve days where I feel like staying in bed because the world is stupid 😉 but these are the days where it’s very important to take a choice to get up and smile. And I also have it like a drive somehow. I’ve always been that smiling shy girl that is a little bit “Polly Anna” and I don’t mind that.

In 2006 I realized that there is only one person in your life who can help you to a better life and that is you, though your choice of attitude. And yes it’s ok to be sad, mad, angry etc. but it’s important then to recognize why and work the way out of it and if possible prevent in the future.

I’ve used a lot of time in my life to change for my “negative” patterns especially the inherited patterns, so I can become the person I have deep down and love so much. Again it’s all about attitude and choices.

But I would never have been able to do this without having a little support on my way. We all have to walk the road our selves but it’s important to have somebody to walk with once in a while 🙂 But they can’t walk the road for you and clear the bumps, you’ve to do that.

And no I’m not an angel or 100% perfect. Sometimes I still get raving mad, very sad etc. and it can take a little time for me to realize what is going on. But as soon as I realize it I can shift the process of thoughts. The good thing is that every time it happens I get better at it.

So which attitude do you choose? – I prefer to be happy, smiling, kind and loving without taking “crap” from others 🙂 And with the last one nobody says I’ve to bite the head of people in the process. It can be done in a proactive way 🙂

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