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When I returned from Australia I knew that if I needed to be much stronger to follow my dreams and create the life I dream about.

I’m longing for an active life where surfing, SUP, running etc. is an integrated part of my life where my body is my companion and not my prison. Beside that I also want to find my last love – a guy who is an active, outgoing, outdoor type.

Reach your goals faster – Get a PT

Exercise is everything if you want to control your dyspraxia. The more fit you’re the less challenging life gets.  You’ll have to be very clear on your special needs and type of dyspraxia because a PT can’t help you the proper way if you can’t explain your situation.

I’m sure I’m persistent and stubborn enough to start in a fitness center on my own and exercise well enough to reach my goals but and it’s a big BUT 😉 – it would take me a looooong time because the dyspraxia. Therefore I need help from a PT and not just any PT. I’ve to choose wisely.

I did choose wisely and after about 4,5 month it’s so paying of that I can’t believe it myself but I’ll return to that in the end of this article.

Choice of PT

I always start by reading the billboard in the fitness center to find each PT’s motto because I’m looking for the one who writes about finding what motivates “me” so “we” can reach my goals together. Unfortunately there are a lot of PT’s who have a motto similar to: I’ll make you work your ass of until the last drop of blood. These PT’s are no-no’s for people with dyspraxia because we need the empathic bad-ass’. Then when I take the first contact I’m honest about my challenges.

Then you need a PT you like working with. It can be hard but I found a PT who reads me, is fun and is very skilled. Remember the sessions should be something you look forward to if not find a new PT.

Last but not least you need a PT who uses techniques that fit your needs. For my part it’s very simple I need a PT who’s into body and free weight training so I use most possible of the body in every exercise. I need strength, mobility and flexibility and to my luck my PT also uses Trigger point therapy, creativity and humour.

Get the most out of it

Having a personal trainer (PT) cost a fortune, but it’s worth it if you focus on getting max output from the session.

Number one is to be 100% honest with your PT about being tired, how your body works and where you’re sore after exercising. By being honest your PT knows exactly where to work your body so you get the most out of the session. He’ll work the parts where you get sore but if you are dishonest about this part, in the end you’ll pay for extra sessions to reach the same result. To say it clearly self-pity doesn’t help you it sets you back 🙂

Trust your PT 100% – I’ve found a PT who catches me when I fall and often he recognize it before I do. Therefore he is one of the very few people in my life I trust close to 100%.

No pity but lots of empathy – Pity makes you a victim and you’re not a victim, you are fighting to get a better life when you exercise. You need to ignore the pain and if you have spasm like me when you get in the red zone in exercising you’ve to work though it if possible. The more you push yourself, the faster you get stronger and you’ll get less spasms etc. To exercise like that you need a PT with empathy so he can support you in the best way.

After a session go in the shower and stretch under the hot water if possible even use the sauna. I even do the trigger point therapy at home.

Last but not least you need to hydrate, eat well and get enough sleep to support the body in the rebuilding.

Bekkestua SATS

Bekkestua SATS – July 2015

My output today

The way my PT are making me work are hard work and often I’ve no idea of how strong I become but after four months my PT tested me and this is the result:

  • death lift – 65 kg
  • knee bend – 62 kg
  • hip lift – 55 kg

I’m so stoked because getting to 65 kg in my weight class normally takes about one year. On top of that I’ve dyspraxia so you see it’s so important to get the right PT and take care of your body.

My weekly program looked like this in the last winter season:

Monday: Run and trigger point
Tuesday: PT-session
Wednesday: day off
Thursday: Dance lessons or PT-session
Friday: day off
Saturday: Run and trigger point
Sunday: (run and trigger point)

I would love to start swimming too but I need more hours in the week and it’s very expensive here in Norway.

If you live in Oslo I’ll recommend my PT Niklas Winterbo, SATS Bekkestua. He understands the dyspraxia, varies the sessions and makes it fun to exercise.

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