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The love of cooking

The grief from the death of my mother caught up with me today, so I did what I do best. I went into the kitchen and cooked, while I saw some of my favorite movies (The last song, 27 dresses and P.S. I love you). I cooked for several hours. I made a new version of humus, avocado mix, egg cake (translated directly from Danish – nothing to do with cake), chicken soup and oven salmon. Since I’ve been dying for chocolate the last week, I made my healthy version of a cacao/coconut oil/oat mix.

All dishes are clean living so healthy and tasty. And now I’ve food for the next days.

I love cooking. It’s like a dance of tastes, textures, smells and sensing. When I work alone in the kitchen combining tastes, feeling the texture, making new dishes or work on my old recipes, it’s like getting into another world. Actually it’s a little like when I was out on the ocean on Bondi Beach standing on the S.U.P. Though I get that feeling so much stronger on the ocean. I can’t stop the love flowing through every cell in my body, when I cook. I love when I make a dish which taste so good, that it’s like an explosion in the mouth, nose and brain. That is my passion, so I’m so much looking forward to get my own kitchen again. Today I was so lucky that I had the house to myself and could just walk around in my own world and cook.

At the same time I’m so happy that there are a dish-washer here in the house, because doing the cleaning alone is not that fun 😉 But I always makes it a part of the cooking so I’ve as little left as possible, when I’m finished.

Now I’ll eat a big ball of chicken soup while watching a couple of episodes of Bondi Rescue. It always helps on my mood to watch the guys in blue and Bondi Beach 🙂

22nd of February 2015

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