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Body booster wrap

BodyboosterwrapI love wraps and the other day I made a wrap of spinach pancakes with salmon and homemade paleo mayo. It’s winter and freezing so my body needs a good boost to survive.

For me this is comfort food too and now when we only have around 6 hours of light and hardly sees the sun it’s comfort food time 😉

Ingrediens (organic all the way if possible)

Pancakes (I get 5-6 pancakes):
3 eggs
1 banana
200 g fresh spinach leaves where the biggest stems are removed
A pinch of himalaya salt (optional)
5-6 tbsp coconut oil of a good quality to fry in

1 egg (cold and size M/L)
1,5-2 dl good olive oil (about 0,63 to 0,85 cup)
fresh squeezed lemon juice
A pinch of Himalaya salt
The amount of both lemon juice and the salt depends on taste

50 g salmon for each pancake (I prefer raw free range)
Avocado (I divide it into boats so 1 avocado fits to 5-6 pancakes)


Break the eggs into a ball.
Peel the banana and break it into smaller pieces and add it to the eggs.
Wash and shake off the water from the spinach. Add the spinach into the ball.
Blend it all together (I use an immersion/stick blender)
Heat a pan on medium/low heat (I use 4 out of 10) and add 1 tbsp coconut oil. When melted I add enough pancake dough to cover the pan in a think layer. When it’s getting brown in the edges I carefully use a spatula to turn it. Done when golden on both sides.


Break the egg carefully down in a jar with an opening that is big enough for the immersion/stick blender. It’s important that the egg yolk doesn’t break. Add enough 1,5-2 dl olive oil to cover the egg. Put the blender-head over the egg carefully and hold it still. Turn on the blender without moving it and go for about 20-30 sec. After that you can begin to move the blender around until all the oil is mixed with the egg. Add salt and lemon juice and blend again. Adding the lemon juice and salt can for me take 2-3 rounds because if you put to much lemon juice in it at once it gets very fluid so better add it a little by little.

Wash and part the avocado in two. Take a little but ok sharp knife and divide the avocado without the stone in 6 boats. Take a spoon and gently remove the meat of the avocado from the peel and use 2 boats for each pancake on top of the salmon.

When the pancake is cooled of (else the mayo melts) spread a layer of mayo (I love a good layer) then make a line of salmon across the pancake. Add the avocado and roll the pancake.


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