Bumblebee Girl on Mission Possible


I love snacking and need it to get enough calories during the day especially if I exercise a lot. I went to a dietician in the 90’ties and got the message that I’ve to eat like a hardworking man in my age group to keep the weight up.

  • popcorn (homemade from 1 tablespoon coconut oil and 1 dl organic corn)
  • a slice of non-flour banana bread
  • an apple or banana
  • 1 portion of breakfast (cold oat breakfast)
  • carrots, cucumbers mm. with some kind of dip f.ex. humus
  • in Australia I used came in contact with Blue Dinosaur Paleo bars and they were to die for especially the Mac’ Lemon. Unfortunately they’re not sold in Scandinavia.
  • in Australia they also had some paleo bars called Coconut Dream Classic from “Kitz living foods”. These I might be able to make myself, so give me a little time and the next time I go crazy in the kitchen there might come a recipe.
  • Lärabar (not my favorite since they’re so sweet because of the huge amount of dates – but it can be used)
  • my cacao mixture
  • fruit salad (no melons)

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