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Energy and protein drinks

Energy drinks

And I’m not talking about the energy drinks you buy filled with caffeine, sugar and lots of artificial stuff. Don’t get me started on that subject ;-D. The only thing I’ll say is eat well, know your body and then it’s not needed, and if you should need a kick use dark chokolate or fruit.

Protein drinks

Protein drinks based on artificial blends are not something I recommend and if you can’t live without your powders use a whole food based mix. A lot of then are just one big box of chemicals. Always make it yourself so you get a good one.

My use
I normally make smoothies and add yoghurt and/or raw eggs to get proteins in it – but in the past because of illness it has been hard to eat enough and with my metabolism I lose weight very fast. So this recipe I got many years ago from a nurse. They prefered to serve homemade energy drinks instead of the premanufactured ones. I also used this recipe in a period where I had hard physical training combined with a wish to gain weight.

Natural protein shake (the old recipe)
2 oranges (the juice)
1 dl heavy cream
1 dl buttermilk
2 egg yolk
1 banana

Sqeeze the oranges.

Separate the egg yolk from the whites. (Save the whites since they can be used in the sweet section or omelets)

Blend it all together in a blender and serve it.

To get different flavors you can add berries or cacao (if you use cacao add a little maple sirup to equal the bitterness from the cacao).

If you want more proteins you can add yoghurt or other milk products high on protein.

My new recipe today to complement my diet is

2 oranges or juice from fruit
1-2 dl coconut water
1 dl rice or almond milk
1 egg
1 banana
1 tablespoon Pure Planet Phyto Carrots
1 tablespoon Pure Planet Bio Fruit
1 tablespoon Terra Greens (from doTerra)
1 teaspoon chlorella (organic)
1 tablespoon A-Z Omega (from doTerra)

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