Bumblebee Girl on Mission Possible


I can’t buy a mayonnaise since they are based on canola oil and other substances I’ve to keep away from. Therefore I have experimented a little and been inspired from others to this recipe:


2 eggs (ice-cold straight from the refrigerator)
2 dl good olive oil (make sure it as tasteless as possible)
1/2 lemon the juice (must be organic)
1/2 tsk herb salt
optional: 1/2 tsk powered mustard seeds
You can add chinese garlic too if you want a aioli like mayonnaise

All ingredients are organic or biodynamic if possible

Pour all ingredients in a jar. Have the eggs in the bottom. Take your hand blender and cover the eggs. Start the blender and keep it still while it’s working 20-30 sec. At that time the eggs will be emulsified enough to being to move the blender a little around. Keep this going until all the oil is absorbed.

Keep it cold and the lemon juice will make the mayonnaise hold a couple of days in the refrigerator.

This should be a paleo recipe 🙂

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