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Chia choco pudding with raspberries

ife gets just to boring if I eat the same every day so I’ve started experimenting with chia seeds. On top of that I’m excluding another source of gluten (the gluten-free oats are filled with husks and I get desperate when I in each mouthful have to spit one to several husks out again).

The reason why I’ve begun to add chia seeds to my diet is the high level of omega acids and minerals. At the same time it taste like dessert and who doesn’t like to eat dessert for breakfast and still maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Chia Choco pudding with raspberries

Ingredients:chia choco pudding

4 tablespoons chia seeds
3 dl of fluid – I use a mix of coconut water/almond milk or like
1 tablespoon raw cacao
1 teaspoon maple syrup (if you like the taste of honey you can use that too)
1 handful raspberries on top


Mix the chia seeds with the fluid, the cacao and maple syrup. I use a glass ball with an airtight lock system and I just shake it well with the lock on. Then I put it in the refrigerator over night. The next morning I put the washed raspberries on and I’m ready to go.

A banana is also amazing to use.

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