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Ice Cream

I love ice-cream big time. If I’m really low a Ben & Jerry strawberry cheesecake goes under the name “bought friends” in my household but that is sugar and dairy products.

Zoku quick pop maker

I have bought an ice maker from Zoku quick pop maker. When it’s in the freezer and cold, it takes about 5-8 minutes to make an ice pop from fruit juices (and no sugar).

Here and now ice cream

Else I’ve in many years made a here and now ice cream in my blender:

100 g berries like raspberries
1-2 table spoons maple syrup
heavy cream or coconut milk

Pour the berries in the blender and the maple syrup. Add a little cream or coconut milk and blend. If it’s to thick add more fluid else eat it.

My big dream is to get one of those ice cream machines with a motor in it. They are rather expensive but one day it’ll be on my list and I’ll experiment in making amazing ice creams in the paleo style 🙂

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