Bumblebee Girl on Mission Possible

Exchange list

Grocery What to exchange with
Alcohol I have to avoid alcohol but in food I exchange it with lemon to give the acidic taste. If it’s a sweet taste I use fruit.
Ammonium bicarbonate I don’t use it or exchange with baking powder
Artificial sweetners Coconut sugar, Maple syrup, honey or in rare occasions cane sugar
Atamon (preservative) I use lemon juice in the food. If I have to sterilize containers of glass I use boiling water and clean tools/towels
Baking powder If possible I avoid using it or used buttermilk. In cookies it’s not needed in many cases.
Breading Avoid it or if you must make a “breading” of pure corn, potato or rice flour. Dry the meat and dip it in a beated egg and then into a ball with the flour.
Broth I use organic herb broth or I cook my own from clean food
Brown sugar I haven’t found a good alternative but I’ve learned to live without it.
Butter A lot of butter can be exchanged with a good olive oil, coconut butter, mayonnaise, avocado butter to get more of the unsaturated fatty acids.
Coffee Herb tea, organic cacao or water
Colour (sauce) Exclude. Use the natural colour of the sauce like before.
Deep frying I avoid breaded food and for the rest I use the oven or mix butter/coconut oil/olive oil on a frying pan where I turn often and not with to high temperatures.
Fruit colour I use the colours nature provides me with:
Green – Chlorofyl or spinach juice
Purple – Blueberry juice
Red – Raspberry juice or red beet juice
Yellow – Orange juice or carrot juice
Heavy Cream Coconut milk is my number one. Before I got into my coconut milk trip I used cream cheese or creme fraiche depending on the dish.
Icing sugar Crush cane sugar in a mortar to a powder. It take a couple of minutes
Milk Coconut milk or water, quinoa milk, almond milk or water
Margarine and light butter products Butter or oils
Mayonnaise Make it yourself, it takes about 5 minutes
Nitrite/nitrate Exclude (and yes the meat looks more grey, but the taste is still good)
Preservative Lemon juice, cane sugar or salt combined with a good kitchen hygiene
Pepper There is nothing bad about pepper, but I’m tired of everything is tasting of pepper because the food can taste amazing with herbs and spices.
Popcorn  Make them yourself from 1 tablespoon coconut oil and 1 dl organic corn or amarant.
Pork Chicken
Potash  Exclude or use baking powder
Remoulade  Exclude or mix mayonnaise with lemon and fine chopped vegetables to a kind of salsa.
Smoked products They are almost always added nitrite and other artificial substances. So buy homemade products where they have removed all artificial additives. Or make the products yourself.
Salt  Use stone salt if possible or herbsalt
Soft drinks and soda  Use homemade lemonade without sugar or use infused water.
Sennep  Make it yourself it takes about 5 minutes.
Sugar (white) Honey, maple syrup and coconut sugar.
Vanilla sugar or essens Use vanilla pods.
 Vinegar  Lemon juice
Wheat flour I find flours without gluten like flour of almond, coconut for baking – flour of potatoes, corn and sometimes rice for cooking. The rice flour will be exchanged when I find a good solution.
1 dl of wheat flour = 3/8 dl potato flour = 7/8 dl rice flour.

This list will be developed as I learn more about paleo food 🙂

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