Bumblebee Girl on Mission Possible

Choice of diet

There is a lot of diets on the internet right now and before that the magazines sold a lot of different diets especially focusing on loosing weight.

We’re all different and our circumstances are different depending on:

  • activity level
  • choice of diet
  • amount of meals and food
  • metabolism
  • allergies/intolerances
  • stress level
  • health
  • type of work
  • etc.

That is why you’ll only find the diet that I’m on and you’re the only one maybe with the help from a doctor or a dietist who can chose what is right for you.

My diet has been developed from the end of the 90ties both from my own experiences but I’ve got a lot of help from my education, a expert in intolerances, my doctor and other with the same problem as I have had.

Support your body

Another thing is that your food is your medicine in some areas. With that I mean that we can support our body in different challenges in life. I’ll slowly expand this area, but until now it’s:

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