Bumblebee Girl on Mission Possible


We all get cravings now and then. In the 90’ties I realized that sometimes I craved stuff that were unhealthy because I needed something essential for the body. And no 😀 not an excuse to rape a candy-store :-D. Therefore I made a list over my cravings and what I really need. It’s very simple to make the list because the craving disappeared when I eat the healthy stuff.

Here are a couple of examples 🙂

  • Blue-berry ice-cream = calcium and real blue berries
  • Heavy cream = fatty acids like avocado, coconut milk etc.
  • Milk chocolate = calcium
  • Potato chips = salt
  • Chocolate = raw cacao

I’ve some dishes/recipes I crave for that is not good for me but I know why – they remind me of my grandmother and I loved her so much. So that is comfort food for me. Then I find stuff to do that comforts me without eating the dishes. But when I’m visiting my stepfather it’s hard not to eat the old diet but we work together and make small alterations so it’s better for me in the new version.

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