Bumblebee Girl on Mission Possible

Fish Mousse

An all-rounder

500 g boiled white fish (pollock, cod etc.)
2 ½ dl sour cream 18%
75 g butter (salt)
3 tsp. herbal salt (Herbamare or the like.)
2-3 tsp. lemon juice


Use the fish when it is cold, if you boil it yourself.

Pour all ingredients in a blender, and blend well.

Season with herb salt and lemon juice.


Do you want a leaner fish mousse you can substitute butter with a kind of cheese spread (remember to read the label, as many type has nothing to do with cheese). If you choose a light cream cheese you will get problems with the mousse becoming liquid. If this happens, you need to use gelantine, and there is no reason to do that when it can be avoided by using quality products.

Steaming fish: I steams the fish with a Vita-loc system so that it is steamed in vacuum. This makes the fish is cooked faster. At the same time fluid and nutrial content is kept in the fish. Sometimes I add lemon, ginger beside a small amount of water. This also gives the fish more flavor.

I sometimes add vegetabels – just remember to remove fluids.


Can be used as it is with a little shrimp, salad and bread.

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