Bumblebee Girl on Mission Possible


I’ve been cooking since I was 7 years old and loved it. I prefered to stay in the kitchen with my grandmother and therefore I learned a lot from her. She was an amazing cook, woman and grandmother.

Since my Danish family originates from farmers it was rich and traditional farmer food. Later on I took freelance jobs as a cook (I don’t like that word – it’s too big. In Denmark we called it a “kogekone” directly translated: cooking woman). I also had a job in a hotel kitchen until I got my trainee position in a quite different area.

As I grew up I found my own style but there’s some things from my grandmother I take with me:

  • Taste on the food – taste is everything and a big part of the experience.
  • Love – always cook with love then food taste so much better.
  • Use good quality groceries – this is the base for a tasty nutritional meal. I prefer to buy organic and free range products. Best of all if I can grow my own vegetables and fruit like the years I lived on a farm.

In this part of my web-page: “cooking” I’ll build up a site about the food I eat – why and how etc.

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