Bumblebee Girl on Mission Possible

Clean Living

A clean living lifestyle isn’t just a diet, for me it’s a much bigger choice in life. It’s a lifestyle so

  • I avoid as much artificial substances as possible both inside and outside.
  • I take care of myself with drinking water, exercising and getting enough sleep.
  • I think about the environment by my choices of cleaning agents, by recycling, buying organic or biodynamic if possible etc.

And yes I get challenges sometimes but I love challenges and I normally find a good solution.

Beside that Clean living is about keeping the “chemicals” in the body in balance too, so that means:

  • Sleep enough.
  • No smoking or use of any kind of tobacco.
  • Avoid stress – f.ex. meditation or what ever works for you. Most important is to learn what triggers the negative stress and avoid that or find a way around it. – Here is my achilles heel.
  • Keep fit and healthy – exercise.

On the positive side it means:

  • have fun
  • dance and sing – and don’t care how it looks or sounds if you can.
  • laugh
  • take care of your attitude
  • think positive and focus on the positive
  • be grateful for what you’ve
  • dream big and have a bucket list to focus on
  • follow your gut feeling/instinct they’re usually right.
  • and KISS (keep it simple stupid 😉

The best that has happend to me according to clean living is that I actually lost almost my hole life. It has been tough and still is some days but I wouldn’t want my old life back becaues I’m on my way to something much better 🙂

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