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Another love of my life 🙂 – But I’m not going for quantity. I prefer quality. I rather have 1 bite of very good and pure dark chocolate than a whole package of milk chocolate. If I buy chocolate I only buy the organic made on cane sugar without lecithin etc.

I love white chocolate but have to stay away from it 🙂

Chocolate can be divided into 4 groups:

  • Dark chocolate containing at least 43% cacao
  • Bitter chocolate containing at least 35% cacao
  • Light chocolate containing up to 25% dried milk beside cacao butter, cane sugar and vanilla
  • White chocolate do not contain cacao but cacao butter, sugar, milk and vanilla.

I prefer the dark chocolate with 70% cacao and the cacao solids (which I know as the bitterness). In some chocolates they remove the solids, so remember to read the declaration.

The good stuff

The best things are that there is research showing that dark chocolate is good for the health both in preventing diseases but also as a invigorator. On the other side research shows that light chocolate has the opposite effect.

Cacao contains a high level of magnesium, copper and flavonol antioxidants. In the fat of the cacao beans there is theobromine which has an invigorating effect. Actually cacao contains a lot of different antioxidants which helps the body prevent circulatory and cardiovascular diseases, PMS, cancer and it strength the immune system. It also has an anti-aging effect.


Some scientist explain the positive effect on people with f.ex. depression is that the dark chocolate contains a high level of flavonol antioxidants (polyphenols). It raises the level of serotonin in the brain.


Chocolate is compared to other vegetable products high on saturated fatty acids, which normally is considered unhealthy. But chocolate also has a high level of a certain saturated fatty acid – stearic acid, which actually is healthy. That is why we can eat dark chocolate in balanced amount without increasing the cholesterol.

All this is very good news but it’s not an excuse to eat loads of dark chocolate. It’s like everything else – balance.

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