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This site might be terminated

Hi guys

I’m in the position to take a choice. Since there isn’t much traffic here compared to what is going on on Facebook I’ll stop my premium subscription and hope that it’ll go back to the old ways. If not find me on Facebook as bumblebee girl on mission possible or if all is good oceanofhappiness.wordpress.com 🙂

Part time mermaid

snubadiving captain cookI’ve been traveling around the States and Hawaii. Being a animal lover like me snorkeling is a must and yes I knew I couldn’t expect being treated like a princess all over even though the company I used 2 of the times on Hawai’i (The Big Island) was absolutely amazing.

If you don’t know my story, then very short I’ve motor sensoric dyspraxia and one of my hurdles is that I get sea legs when I’ve been weightless in water. On a good day I look a bit drunk back on shore and on a really bad day I can hardly waddle around. I then sit down and just wait a while. If I’m on a rocking boat I sit and just shove myself around with my arms to be safe.

Going on snorkeling tours often gives me a lot of questions, which I  understand but it somehow takes a bit of the fun. Therefore I now have found the magic answer 😀 when people ask I just say I’m part time mermaid with a giggle and people just smiles at me like it’s the most natural thing in the world !!! – Ok case closed and I love it.


First stop Copenhagen

IMG_3269 copyThe ride of my life has started and I’m so relieved :). I started Friday on my new life and first stop was Copenhagen. I was lucky to meet up with an amazing danish lady Ulla from my fitness center in the airport so time went fast. In Copenhagen I’m visiting my bonus father Knud and as always we’re having a really good time 🙂

IMG_3270 copySaturday we went shopping and I’d forgotten how amazing it is to shop in a place where there is lots of organic fruit and vegetables. I’m  in heaven and loving it 🙂

Later we went to Gladsaxe Hallen and saw The Danish Championship in in-door rowing where Knud’s granddaughter won her class. Normally I’m a sports ignorant but I like watching when somebody I know is participating and on top Astrid did an amazing job. I got so inspired but I know rowing is out of my reach because of my IMG_3290 copyback but I’m so going to get strong and start participating in military/obstacle races 🙂

Today – Monday – I had invited Knud on a very old restaurant called “Det Lille Apotek” (The small pharmacy) for a early celebration of his upcoming birthday. As a bonus I could check of a point on my 101 things to do when you survive list. The place is quiet famous in Copenhagen because of the amazing service and traditional danish food. We got a fish dish called “stjerneskud” (shooting star). It’s a steamed and a butter fried flounder filet served with asparagus, scrimps, caviar, slices of lemon and dill. We’re still full 😀

The weather is typical grey danish winter so it IMG_3317 copyrains and is windy but we take a walk every day and beside that I get a lot of needed rest and sleep. Beside that I’ve prepared my luggage for my trip so all is ready for my adventure 🙂

Don’t be afraid to start over

I’m sitting here and watching the snow fall and looking back on 2015. This year has been so weird because so much has happened both good and challenging stuff.

The year started at the Intensive care unite where my mother had 4 days before she died. 3 days after I left for what ended up to be a life changing holiday in Sydney, Australia. For the first time in my life I found a place where I feel like home. I love the mentality, the nature, the food, the people, the lifestyle, being close to the ocean etc.

Since that I’ve worked on increasing my chances of being allowed to immigrate to Australia, which is difficult if you want to do it the legal way and that is the only way for me 😃

From March I’ve been working hard with my PT on building muscles so I can get strong – why? so I can do what I want like surfing, obstacle races, street work-out etc. –  I knew it would be hard but it has been worth it because my PT Niklas Wintherbo has done an amazing job. What surprised me was how many people that tried to talk me out of it instead of supporting me – the even more tragic thing is that these people are the couch potatoes.

I’ve sold most of my stuff, sent some boxes to a friend to be stored while I’m gone and the funny part was it gave me freedom. I thought that I would meet a lot of resistance from the people around me but the people that are close to me is backing me up 100% on starting building a new life.

I became a part of the 101-gang (101 things to do when you survive founded by Greig Trout) and met amazing people who thinks like me. This gang is absolutely amazing just like Greig Trout and what do we do? We care about each other and we help Greig raise money for charity and we follow our dreams.

I got so fed up with my life in the autumn that I ended up quitting my job and is taking a leap of faith. I’ve to finish my contract at work but the 29th of January I’m leaving Norway and going to travel for a while.

Now I’ve one amazing year in front of me with a lot of traveling, exercising/active lifestyle, proper food in a good quality and  if you want you can follow my blog.

I wish everybody in here a New Year filled with success, good experience and love – and please go out and spread some kindness/a.r.c. (pro life action).

Pro life action

It has been 7 extreme days according to the world. People have been killed, terrorism, hostages etc., so to spread love and gratitude I’ll from today work on getting better to show gratitude, positivity and loving life actions.

Therefore today I’ve given myself a task:
I’ll send a letter of appreciation to some people who have made a difference in real life for me.

What tomorrow brings I’ll let you know.

I hope you’ll join me in this pro life action.

I have a dream and I’m going for it

I woke up today (my day off work to study day) and my head was buzzing. Since sunday night I’ve been totally out of sync and I needed grounding, clarity and focus or I will not make it. Therefore, after a good chat with a friend of mine, I sat down and began to write. Instead of just scribbling on a piece of paper that goes on the wall or in a drawer I have chosen to make a page here on my site to hopefully inspire somebody with it. If I can help just one person to keep following his or her dream or to start following a dream it’s all worth it 🙂

It all started long ago but I’ll start last friday. I was so mentally and physically exhausted that I was ready to give up everything. Fortunately I had a session with my PT and I went because I know that when I feel the most reluctant it’s the most important day to go. My PT knows that I’ve done kick-boxing earlier in life and he is good at reading me so when I had nothing left in me he gave me boxing gloves on. Man … my PT know how to get me to fight to the last blood drop kicking and beating.

When I get the gloves on I go into another world – like being 100% in the present and only one focus. Like a meditation where the mind shuts every thing out. The only thing I got was a picture of me on the SUP board on ‪#‎BondiBeach‬ and that kept me going.

All weekend my body was so sore and then one more session monday. I told my PT I was sore and he did just like the kick-boxing trainers I have had – he made me work even harder all the way to physically exhaustion. After the session I sat in the sauna stretching, relaxing and my brain flat lined but he had started a process he made me fight instead of surrendering. Therefore I’m so ready for the next round.

So here is my dream and my blueprint

Take care on the internet :-)

Guys I’ll share a little story with you from my life 🙂

About 2 month ago (I think) I got a request from a young guy in India to connect. Before accepting we had a chat and he seemed ok – didn’t have the usual signs as the scammers have.

After a couple of weeks he asked to call me aunty and that was ok with me. We had short chats along the weeks.

Then this Thursday I think, he contacted me and was all about how poor he was and money this and money that. I told him that he wouldn’t get any money from me. After a oh no it wasn’t about that he asked if he could send me money to invest because “I was his only chance to get out of poverty”. I know from media etc. that I’m 99% sure to get my account ripped if I did it so I said no (and I didn’t feel like it either – my alarms were activated).

When I said that he couldn’t be that poor, since he lived in India and had access to a computer on daily basis at home and went to college, he got a fit and directly informed me that I had to have money since I’m working on moving to Australia if possible.

So the end is: I blocked him and is very glad that I’m a sceptic when people I’ve no connection with contacts me out of the blue.

Take care especially you single women – this guy played on all the emotional feelings single women have and had I fallen for it I would probably been in a sticky wicky

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