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Get happy

LifeΒ  has its ups and downs and being single means that I’ve to be my own hero therefore I’ve made a happy list. – why because when the downs are worst it’s hard to remember what is good so by having a list I can go and get ideas of what to do and shift my mood to happy. It doesn’t take a lot you know, that is why I’m sharing my list so you can get som inspiration to make your own.

Happy list

101 things to do when you survive

Greig at the Richmond hot choccie eventIn the last year 3 men have turned my life upside down in the good way both physically and mentally. One is my surftrainer Dean Gladstone, the other is my PT Niklas Wintherbo and the third is Greig Trout from 101 things to do when you survive.

It’s Greig Trout I want to tell you about here. He has an amazing story to tell about turning life around and you can read it on his web-page. I had the honour of meeting Greig in person on a hot summerday in July 2015 and had 4 absolutely amazing hours filled with fun, laughter, care and mutual understanding. Then again in September where I attended Greigs hot choccie event on Richmond Hill where I also met the 101-gang. It was a day filled with hugs, love, understanding and bonding. Even though I haven’t had cancer the dyspraxia etc. has given me my challenges and Greig and the amazing 101 gang have accepted me with open arms and lots of love.

Greig is the reason why I’ve stopped using the word Bucket list. The word has a focus on using the limited time before dying. Greig has chosen to focus on the things to do after he faught the cancer. This inspired me so much since I prefer to focus positively on the time I’ve in front of me. Therefore I’ve no Bucket list any more but a 101 things to do when you survive-list. I might have a couple of more things on my list than the 101 things πŸ˜€



Take care on the internet :-)

Guys I’ll share a little story with you from my life πŸ™‚

About 2 month ago (I think) I got a request from a young guy in India to connect. Before accepting we had a chat and he seemed ok – didn’t have the usual signs as the scammers have.

After a couple of weeks he asked to call me aunty and that was ok with me. We had short chats along the weeks.

Then this Thursday I think, he contacted me and was all about how poor he was and money this and money that. I told him that he wouldn’t get any money from me. After a oh no it wasn’t about that he asked if he could send me money to invest because “I was his only chance to get out of poverty”. I know from media etc. that I’m 99% sure to get my account ripped if I did it so I said no (and I didn’t feel like it either – my alarms were activated).

When I said that he couldn’t be that poor, since he lived in India and had access to a computer on daily basis at home and went to college, he got a fit and directly informed me that I had to have money since I’m working on moving to Australia if possible.

So the end is: I blocked him and is very glad that I’m a sceptic when people I’ve no connection with contacts me out of the blue.

Take care especially you single women – this guy played on all the emotional feelings single women have and had I fallen for it I would probably been in a sticky wicky

The 5 love languages

My favorite book #1

There’s made a song about the 5 love languages and it’s actually a weird story about how I heard it the first time.

About 2 weeks ago I found a audio file in my main folder in my dropbox, and I’ve no idea how it ended there. I only share files in dropbox with one person and that person shouldn’t have access to my main folder and I asked and the other part haven’t uploaded a song. Big mystery πŸ™‚

But no matter what, I got so happy listening to the song because it’s about my favorite book. It’s about all that I stand for. Who ever did it made me very happy because the melody describes what means so much to me. And I love listening to songs about the positive and happy stuff in life.

If you want to know more about the 5 love languages then click here

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