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New routines – think smart

In the 45 days I stayed at the temple I got a new routines like meditation, yoga, supplements, diet , walking a lot and low-stress lifestyle, which I really need to keep going.

It’s so easy to implement new habits and routines, while living in a protected world like the temple, where everything is based on having these healthy habits. Sticking to them outside in the real world is a challenge.

Practically  it’s challenging since I’ve got a steady place to live yet here in Sydney. Therefore every day is filled with a massive amount of new impressions, new people and using a lot of the time on the process of getting settled. Keeping up the new routines will be a lot easier when I get a steady place, where I’ve my stuff around me and easy to access. Until then I just have to do the best I can.

The easiest thing to do is the supplements and the food (here in Bondi there are healthy food stores all over the place). The yoga has become the greatest challenge since I need space and peaceful surroundings, but now I’ve a mat so on dry days I can go to the roof of the hostel or the beach to practice. The meditation has been a challenge, but this morning I went for a walk in the rain and put on my theta wave music – that worked wonders – just like using it in the evening just before bed time.

When I get my “own” space (probably a shared flat or a room) – my morning routine takes about 1 hour beside breakfast and personal stuff. Yes I’ll have to get up early in general, but that is not a problem for me.  I need access to a good kitchen, refrigerator, live close to organic stores, hot water washer, not waste too much time on transportation and be able to get early to bed (quiet place). I really hope to live in walking distance to the school maybe 15-20 minutes so I’ve some walking Incorporated in my day. Why do it the hard way if you can do it the smart way ;).

I don’t know about you guys but it’s possible, but it takes effort and smart thinking. Getting as much as possible incorperated in the daily routine so it also frees time to the fun stuff 🙂

I know I’ve to do this because the benefits make a huge difference in my life and I might actually get a life free of any symptoms from my dyspraxia. Again it’s about smart thinking and long term thinking in this case long term isn’t that long since I already experiences a huge difference from before I stayed at the temple. 🙂

Later on I can add more like trigger point and starting studying in the evening beside work but first I’ve to make the foundation for my new life work. It’s like building a house. If the foundation is solid and good the house will last and will be easy to maintain 🙂


New recipe – body booster wrap

BodyboosterwrapWhen i make a new dish I always takes pictures and often share them on my facebook/instagram/twitter. This time I was asked for the recipe from several people, so here it comes – the recipe for my wrap of spinach pancakes with homemade mayo, salmon and avocado. 🙂

The challenge called breakfast (recipe)

chia choco puddingLife gets just to boring if I eat the same every day so I’ve started experimenting with chia seeds. On top of that I’m excluding another source of gluten (the gluten-free oats are filled with husks and I get desperate when I in each mouthful have to spit one to several husks out again).

The reason why I’ve begun to add chia seeds to my diet is the high level of omega acids and minerals. At the same time it taste like dessert and who doesn’t like to eat dessert for breakfast and still maintain a healthy lifestyle.

My first result is my chia choco pudding.

Healthy food has to look great and taste like heaven

These last months I’ve been going through a lot of recipes (all clean living and paleo), The thing that struck me was that a lot of the pictured recipes looked grey and dead. Wonder why it is like that. No wonder people stick to what they know.

I don’t eat food just because it’s healthy. For me food has to smell good, taste good and look appealing. If I want to use a new recipe it has to be better than what I usually cook.

When I cook it’s like a dance that I love where I use my senses. I smell the food. Like when I shop f.ex. strawberries, I never buy them if I can’t smell strawberry. I always taste so the food is tasty. If you forget to taste the food often is bland. It has to look good so I want to eat the meal. For me an appealing look is colourful and nicely arranged.

11377198_10205956088073618_7236669379016976083_nThe picture is from yesterday where I celebrated a good result, so I made a 3 course meal. The meal was based on what I could find in the shop so it became: As appetizer green asparagus with serano, homemade paleo mayo on mixed salad. Then hot beetroot with feta, fresh spinach, walnuts, dried figs and a little mayo. For dessert it was chocolate mousse and fresh raspberries. The beverage was organic apple juice. All made as clean living and mostly paleo.

This was a good meal. Smelled good, looked good and tasted amazing.

Banana Pancakes

I love banana pancakes and now at last I got a recipe without flour. I use them for snack at work. It taste good and is easy to eat between meals.

Get the recipe here

Ice cream the healthy way

I love ice-cream big time. My whole life this has been a thing for me and several countries I’ve visited I remember by a flavour:

  • Australia – hazelnut ice-cream and strawberry sorbet
  • Caribbean – vanilla with fresh berries and fruit
  • Denmark – tricolour (strawberry, vanilla and chocolate)
  • Italy – lemon sorbet
  • Norway – Krone is (ice cone)
  • UK – mint ice cream
  • USA – strawberry cheesecake (Ben&Jerries)

Right now I’m trying to avoid dairy product and refined sugar so I when I get my own place to live in some time in the future I’ll invest in a serious ice-cream machine and I’ll begin to experiment with making my own ice-cream until then I’ve my fast solution – read more and get the recipe

My goals for the spring :)

Oh my – going crazy again  😀 – as you might now I’m changing my life 180 degrees 🙂

I want to move to Australia if possible so to make that possible I’ve set my short terms goals  now:

  1. Have started taking a on-line class to prepare for my IELTS exam the 9th of may 2015. Just delivered my first big task. It seems to go better than I had expected. 5 more to go. (The result will come 3-6 weeks later) – I so need to develop my vocabulary and spelling.
  2. Gonna get good enough to move 1 level up in my swing class.
  3. I’ll start swimming again and have had contact with the local swim center and they have accepted that I use their facilities. This might sound weird to you but because of my dyspraxia my legs often act up in the proces of carrying my body again when I’ve been in the water. And it only happens in this area. I know it’s weird because I can run, jump, dance, swim, take 2 steps at a time, do kick-boxing – but in this situations the legs fuck up 🙂
  4. Get my web-site all up and running with recipes and all.
  5. Exercise with my PT once a week, so my hip can get flexible again after the 3 months on crutches in the autumn. And to get stronger so my next SUP and surf lessons will be much better.
  6. Go through my whole body with the trigger-point training
  7. Once a week at least.
  8. Get my new diet 100% up and running.
  9. Get my CV on linked-in translated to english + translate my references, exam-papers etc. and get them verified at work.
  10. I have to begin to run again since I’ve admitted myself to Color Me Rad in August – 5 km.

This is a lot to get a hold on but I know how to keep me as positive as possible – and guys here comes the important part. We all need to reward ourselves even with small goal and also know how to raise the mood if everything comes tumbling down. For me it’s:

  • my # 1 is getting out on the ocean – but this one is a little hard living were I do, but I’ve pictures from Bondi Beach where I for the first time really had the feeling of being home.
  • Watching Bondi Rescue is my # 2 and their tweets, facebook, you-tubes etc.
  • Watch good movies
  • Sing and dance
  • Feeling strong
  • Take a hike. Mostly I climb Kolsåstoppen (my mountain) but also an area called Sognsvann is amazing. Else I look up what is something going on and walk there.

Beside that I’m grateful for all support I get from my surroundings like friends on facebook, twitter etc. – My network is unfortunately in Denmark, USA and now beginning in Australia beside my angel here in Norway but she’s very busy so I’m grateful for the times we can talk or see each other 🙂

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