Bumblebee Girl on Mission Possible

I have a dream and I’m going for it

I want to move to Australia and live and work just by the ocean so I can become a good surfer and SUP and start sand running.


  • I love the mentality of the inhabitants – so open compared to what I know
  • It’s so easy to live healthy and after the principles of clean living
  • I love the nature of the country
  • I love how easy it was to get in contact with people
  • I love the way people help each other and cares
  • I love all the charity work there’s done
  • I love the climate
  • I’m a ocean girl by heart. I don’t need 4 walls to have a home – I need the ocean and its soft roughness. In Sydney I felt so at home when I was out on the board in Bondi Beach.
  • I have a possibility to get the life I want
  • And many people sees my beauty – they saw my inner beauty. That was a huge experience.

I know that this is a biggy and that there are several steps to take to make it. I know everything is possible and that I deserve getting a good life. I’ve been though a lot of hardship and been very unhappy with who I was. – It’s funny how many of us function because It’s like the more pain the more clarity. I had to hit rock bottom to realize what I’m worth, so since 2006 It has been all about taking the ride back to life. In 2011/12 I lost everything and once again I had to work my way back to life – yes it was a set-back but like with it all I learned so much and I’ll not change one minute of it all because it has made me who I’m.

Back to the subject: Following my dreams – I’ve no idea of how to get to the goal right now, but I know what to do first before I can do anything else. So I concentrate about the first steps and then the next steps will be easier to find.

Therefore, the first steps are:

  • Taking an online IELTS preparation class √
  • Taking an IELTS test on academic level (exam 9th may 2015)  √
    Got band 8 in oral, listening and understanding but got 6,5 in the written, so need to improve that one.
  • Get much physically stronger and flexible
  • Start swimming again
  • Get my diet perfect to keep me going while both mind and body grows
  • Find a good way to care for myself so I get rooms of relaxation and mindfulness
  • Get my LinkedIn CV perfect √
  • Translate my papers √ and get them verified

I know by experience that I have to make an effort every day to make it, so

  • Between work and the subway I walk even if I could take the bus – I get 9 minutes of good speed exercise (in the other end I’ve to “climb” up to the house and that is about 10-15 minutes walking up the mountain).
  • I take the stairs if possible
  • I have a PT to help me making progress in my physically strength
  • I danced swing once a week in the spring
  • I’m starting to swim
  • I massages my body with the trigger point method
  • I eat well all day. The extra weight I carry because of the food I’ve to bring is free exercise
  • I go to bed about 21/22:00 a night to have the opportunity to get enough sleep
  • If I watch a movie I remove the texting and use only english languages
  • I write my website in english
  • I communicate on twitter and Facebook on english
  • I’ve stopped playing any kind of internet games
  • I focus on being positive
  • Just before I go to sleep I visualize my future

Wauw – I lost breath by reading this list again after writing it and yes some days it is so hard that I feel like quitting. But quitting is not an option because if I quit I know that I’ll have to stay in a painful life where I’ve to choose to being happy every day. I’m grateful for what I’ve but it’s so far from my dreams and I know that living in Australia will give me challenges but I’m so ready to take them to become a part of it all. At the same time I don’t want to look back at my life when I get old and regret not following my dreams. I want to know that I’ve worked my b.. of and given the last drop of blood.

I know that I deserve a good life where I’ve the possibility to do what gives me a natural happiness in life. It makes me smile to dream about a life where I’m happy without having to choose it so I’ve to find ways to keep going the days where every cell in my body is screaming from pain after exercising or I’m tired and/or overwhelmed etc..

  • I find pictures and you-tubes of ocean life and Australia. I collect them in pinterest, twitter, instagram and Facebook so when I can’t go surfing I’ve a “library” to use
  • I listen to english motivational speeches
  • I watch Bondi Rescue to keep me going and hold on to the dream (I have been following the Bondi Lifeguards for many years now)
  • I watch Ellen deGeneres shows
  • I listen to Dexter Britains music
  • I have pictures on work, in my room, on the mirror over the sink from my stay in Australia to remind me of what I want. It’s a part of desire mapping where you focus on the feeling the goal will give you. By using pictures I remember the feelings I had in the moment the pictures were taken
  • I have a vision board and my 101 things to do when you survive
  • I work on my believes when I experience behaviors I want to change

Before I chose to follow my dream I used 3-4 hours in average a day on games and movies to kill time and escape from the pain in life. I danced and exercised in groups classes yes but nothing else. While staying in Sydney, Australia I had an amazing surf trainer who took me out on the ocean to SUP and a little surf. That changed my life and gave me a whole new clarity combined with the rest of my experiences I was ready to follow my dreams and to choose me 🙂

Now I’ve too few hours a day so I’ve to prioritize my life and I’ve to ask for help from experts to cover the areas where I lack knowledge to improve my time schedule.

This is how bad I want this 🙂

So how bad do you want your dreams? 🙂

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