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101 things to do when you survive

I’ve stopped using the word Bucket list because the word has a focus on using the limited time before dying. I’ve chosen to focus positively on the time I’ve in front of me. The person who gave me this epiphany was Greig Trout and his 101 things to do when you survive. Even though I haven’t had cancer, Greig and the amazing 101 gang have accepted me with open arms and lots of love.

In 2007 I began to make my 101-list. Before that I just lived like a butterfly flying from flower to flower without any goals and before 2006 I just lived day by day not being aware of what I actually wanted to do in my life.

Now I’m more focused on what do I want to experience once or on a more regular basis.

To inspire you I’m sharing mine – the most important thing is that there is no limitations when you make the list. Just write it down no matter what you’ll never know what is going to be possible in the future 😉

This list will grow and as I get the things done I’ll just put a line over the text and add a short explanation 🙂

Thing to do Done
  • Become fluent in English
  • Blow big soap bubbles
  • Climb Mount Fuji, Japan
  • Climb Mount kumara, Kyoto, Japan
  • Dance all night
  • Do the Oxfarm Trailwalker (100 km in team of 4 – 48 hours)
  • Drive a water scooter / Jet ski
  •  April 2016 on Bondi Beach
  • Drive a ATV (preferably my own)
  • Eat at “Det lille apotek”, Copenhagen, DK
 IMG_3317 copy
Feb 1st 2016
  • Experience a Japanese lantern festival
  • Experience Gion, Japan by night with a companion
  • Experience the vivid festival in Sydney (May)
  • Explore the northern half of Japan
  • Feel the butterflies in my stomach again
  • Find my own style (Make-over – casual, feminine, sporty/outdoor-living and colourful)
  • Find somebody awesome I want to wake up with in the morning
  • Find the best onsen in Japan
  • Finish the family genealogy
  • Five pieces of sea glass (one white, one pink, one purple, one light green and one blue)
 May 2016 found green, white and brown
  • Fly 1. class
  • Fly helicopter (face the fear)

Did it February 2016 – and I had a blast.

  • Free-dive or snorkel at Great Barrier Reef
and off we go copy bigSnorkeled at Great Barrier Reef April 2016 and had a blast
  • Go fishing

Did it February 2016 – not for long but enjoyed it.

  • Hand feed hummingbirds
  • Have house/garden help
  • Having an outdoor lifestyle
  • Have my hammock place where I can hear the ocean
  • Have my own atelier for photo, art and craft
  • Help children without parents to a better life (foster/adopt)
  • Hug 10 people in one day (and not in a class)
  • Hugging a stranger
  • Lady – June 2014 Majorstua, Norway
  • Jump in water puddles
  • Jumping rope both classic and double
  • Kite-surfing on the beach with a little kite
  • Laugh until my stomach hurts
  • Learn calisthenics
  • Learn cha-cha-cha again
  • Learn salsa again
  • Learn SUP (stand up-paddling – doing it but not still there)
sup 2016 bondi
At Bondi Beach 2015 and 2016
  • Learn swing (rock version)
  • 2014-2015 at “Kom og dans” beginners and immediate I and ready to move up
  • Learn to crawl well in the water
  •  Started the process in Darwin Feb 2016
  • Learn to hunt (preferably with bow and arrow)
  • Learn to make dumblings/li>
  • Learn to make buckwheat nuddles
  • Learn to play golf
  • Learn restorative yoga
  • Learn to snorkel
and off we go copy bigApril 2016 at Great Barrier Reef with Reef Experience
  • Live by the ocean and I mean the OCEAN not a duck pond 😉
  • Lie in a hammock in the shade and listen to the sound of waves
  • Did that on the North shore of Oahu, Hawaii – June 2016
  • Live clean (food, skin care etc.)
  • Live in a white house with a veranda and huge space around close to the ocean (eco-friendly)
  • Live and work in a country with warm climate preferably English speaking
  • Make a human flag on the lifeguard tower on Bondi Beach (Australia)
  • Make amazing smoothies and juices
  • Make the best cookies (gluten-free/Paleo)
  • Make the best ice-cream (clean living style)
  • Meet Dean Cain (amazing actor – superman and fireman
  • Meet Ellen Degeneres (love her shows)
  • Meet Greig from 101 things to do when survived
  • Met Greig Trout 27th of July 2015 in London and the 6th of September 2015 on Richmond Hill
  • Meet Gordon Ramsay (amazing cook)
  • Meet Matt Passmore (amazing actor)
  • Meet Myles Pollack (amazing actor)
  • Meet Rick Dale from American Restoration (Love his work – Nevada, USA)
  •  May 2016 met Brett from the show and got an autographed picture of Rick.
  • Meet the Bondi Guys and thank them
  • January 2015
  • Meet the most inspiring person
101 gangMet Greig Trout 27th of July 2015 in London and several times after and loved it 🙂
  • Meet Ty Pennington (Extreme House Make-over)
  • Participate in a dance competition
  • Participate in a Ellen DeGeneres show with do-good theme
  • Participate in barbecues on the beach or other places with positive, fun and decent people
  •  First time March 2016 at Clovelly Beach with the group addicted to dance. Beach-Salsa party.
  • Participate in a Slide the town like in Sydney and Melbourne, AUS
  • Participate in the Festival of the winds on Bondi Beach (AUS)
  • Play in a giant ball pool
  • Produce and sell positive pictures and images
  • Receive a hug that makes me forget the world for a minute
  • This was one I thought had to come from a boyfriend but it ended up being a totally unexpected person – Got it from Greig Trout July 2015
  • Return to Disneyland for 3-4 days to get the whole experience
  • Return to San Francisco and explore
  • Ride a night as a guest in a police car
  • May 2015 (a Friday night)
  • Ride Indian Pacific
  •  March 2016 – Adelaide/Sydney
  • Ride Kollensvevet (Zip-line in Oslo, Norway)
  • 2013
  • Ride The Ghan (Darwin – Adelaide)
the ghanFeb 2016
  • Ride the longest zip-line
  • Round-trip in New Zealand
  • Run in Colour me Rad 5K official competition
IMG_192122nd August 2015 in Oslo
  • Sail a hobie-cat
  • Sail at night on the canals in Osaka, Japan
  • Sail in a “military” rubber boat with high-speed
  • Scuba dive on reefs
  • See a Jacaranda with flowers
  • See a real rodeo
  • See an Australian Rugby game (an important game) from good seats
  • See a full aurora
  • See Uluru/Ayers Rock, Northern Territory, AUS
  • See Blue Mountain, Sydney, AUS
  • Jan 2015 + Feb 2016
  • See Disney world, Tokyo, Japan
  • See Kangaroo Island, South Australia
  •  Feb 2016
  • See koalas
  • Jan 2015
  • See Universal studios in Nara, Japan
  • See wine yards in Napa, USA
  • See quokka on Rottness Island, Western Australia
  • See Shell Beach, Shark Bay, AUS
  • See the arcs in the southern Utah, USA
  • See the Christmas Market in Tivoli Copenhagen, DK
  • December 2015
  • See the Moeraki Boulders (Dragon Eggs) in Koekohe Beach, NZ
  • See the Stonehenge (UK)
  • July 2015
  • See the outback (AU)
  •  Feb 2016
  • See wallabies
  • Jan 2015 on Kangaroo Island
  • See wild living whales close up
  • See Yosemite, USA
  • Sing karaoke in front of a group of people who accepts terrible singing
  •  August 2016, Oita, Japan
  • Sit in a little boat on a lake watching firework
  • Sleep on a beach with a group of friends
  • Start beach/sand running
  • Start bouldering
  • Stay at the Thermal Spa
  • Stay in a capsule hotel in Japan
  • Surfing a wave on Bondi Beach
  • Stay in an old fashion in an in Nara, Kyoto, Japan
  • January 2015 with my surf-trainer Dean Gladstone – only partial up
  • Swim 1 km under 30 minutes again
  • Swim in a nature made pool with waterfalls
  •  June 2016 in the 7 secret pools at Maui
  • Swim with dolphins living in “natural” surroundings (like on Marathon keys)
 Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 20.22.32
June 2016 on the Big Island, Hawaii
  • Swim with a social turtle(s) and get some amazing pictures
  • Swing on a playground
  •  Feb 2016 on a walk in Darwin to East Point
  • Take a bath in a japanese wooden bath tub
  • Take a DNA-test to reveal heritage
  • Autumn 2014
  • Take a J.R. Tolkien Trip to the hobbits etc., NZ
  • Take a long drive with an auto camper out in the blue and preferably with friends
  • Take the same road trip as my father did across USA and if possible on ATV.
  •  May 2016 (12 days from Boston to Los Angeles and then up to San Francisco)
  • Take a swim in the summer in rainy weather
  • Take the IELTS in english
  • April 2015
  • Taste apple crumble
  • January 2015
  • Taste chocolate desserts at Serendipity 3, New York (USA)
  •  May 2016
  • Taste crocodile
  • Feb 2016 on the Ghan and it was dry
  • Taste dumblings
  • September 2015 in London China Town
  • Taste Espetada made the old fashion way
  • Taste Espada (Black scabbardfish)
  • Taste fish and chips
  • January 2015
  • Taste kangaroo
  • February 2016 and it tasted awesome
  • Taste the best sticky toffee pudding
  •  Jan 2009 Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Travel to Madeira again
  • Travel to coloured beaches
  • Black  –  June 2016 on Hawaii
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Red
  • White  –  Lived by the beaches of Denmark
  • Try Buddy Bumper Balls
  • Try pole-climbing again
  • Try rappelling/abseiling
 Done free abseiling February 2016 at The castle climbing club with Sophie as my instructor and I loved it. I did it twice and it was about 30 meters.P1030204
  • Try the trampoline bridge over the river Seine, Paris, France
  • Try the trampoline playground Bounce below -in mine shaft in Wales, UK
  • Turn cartwheels (slå vejrmøller)
  • Visit Botanic garden (Sydney)
  • January 2015
  • Visit Lihue Plantation and float down the sugar plantage canals (Hawaii)
  • Visit Manly Sealife Sanctuary
  • January 2015
  • Visit Market, Sydney
  • January 2015
  • Visit Maui, Hawaii
  • June 2016
  • Visit Sydney Aquarium
  • January 2015
  • Visit Sydney Opera
  • January 2015
  • Visit Sydney Wildlife World
  • January 2015
  • Visit the glass beach
  1.  May 2016 at Fort Bragg
  • Visit Yellowstone again and see the whole park (USA)
  • Walk a cat walk at a fashion show
  • Walking down a huge field of Japanese cherry trees in flowering season
  • Walking in a huge field with lots of colours and butterflies
  • poppy flowers
  • corn flowers
  • mixed flowers
  • Watch a movie at an open-air arrangement with star-treatment.
  • Win a competition because I made an outstanding effort
  • Work in my spare time as a garden-designer and interior designer with specialty in combining in- and outdoor living

And there are more but those I keep to myself 🙂

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