Bumblebee Girl on Mission Possible

The personal stuff

I had actually made one of those blah blah blah pages and it sucked – Pardon my languages but it was so boring, so I put a message on my Facebook wall and asked people to give me words that described me. I promised myself that I wouldn’t censure anything. I got so surprised and it has been the best thing I’ve done because describing myself is hard and like most people, I do a really bad job in that area.

Here is a short presentation of the crazy lady in control of the key-board 😉

I’m a strong and real woman living an authentic life build on honesty and gratitude.

Fun-loving, excited to try new experiences and a cute undercover rebellion. In all: an experimental diva.

I’m a diverse and clever person, where feeling things deeply is my super power. I’m intuitive with accuracy and a healing power woman. Taken under one term: A loving and empathetic badass.

People sees me as courageous, inspiring, gorgeous, beautiful and alluring.

A huge thank you to my helpers both official and unofficial for helping me with the above:
Richard L Treat Jr., SerendipiTea Lee, Joni Magnuson, Jennifer Marino McCord, Britt Helsinghoff Holmberg, Cheryl Low Khan and the anonymous ones 🙂


My long term goals:

  • Run X-treme obstacle races
  • Immigrate to Australia
  • Fight for life
  • Active outdoor/ocean lifestyle
  • A family and good friends where I live
  • A home where it’s possible to have open doors for the people I love and care about


  • Clean living
  • Nature/Ocean – I’m an ocean girl and Bondi Beach is my home no matter where I live.
  • Tasty food (preferably Paleo or like)
  • Essential oils and herbs (alchemy)
  • Dancing
  • Having fun, laughing and being social
  • Traveling
  • Being creative
  • I’ve done a lot of genealogy too

Favorite movies:

I love movies and have a lot so here is a couple of examples – but be sure that I mostly sees movies with a deeper messages hidden somewhere and if it’s spiced with dry english humour I’m sold 😉

  • Crocodile Dundee (got to love them)
  • P.S. I love you
  • Keeping mum (love dry english humour)
  • Remember sunday
  • Love Actually

Favorite books:

  • The 5 love languages
  • Personality Plus
  • Modern Essentials
  • The encyclopedia of healing foods by Murray, Michael T. etc.

Causes I support or give my time to:

  • Nature/enviromental work
  • Provention of bullying and suicide
  • First aid
  • Animal care
  • Kids welfare

If you want to check my CV I’m on LinkedIn but there has been no proofreading yet since I’m in the process of translating it all and I need to get a lot of my documents translated too. The translation will be done very soon. In May I took the IELTS with band 7,5 in academic grade.

If you have questions for me feel free to write:

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