Bumblebee Girl on Mission Possible

I must say I have begun to love AirBnB 😃 because I have had some amazing experiences and still there is a certain guaranty both in the host but also safety issues.

Until now I’ve had my own room, lived in a tree-house and right now I’m couch surfing with a guy I feel 100% safe with – just a very decent guy. I still haven’t tried glamping which might be an option in Hawaii (glamping is living in a tent with a real bed and proper living area).

The hostess I’ve had has all been very interesting people that is in it not just for the money but because they really like having foreigners in their homes and several will have a place in my heart for life.

For me a hotel is so expensive and I rather use my money on some great excursions and a hostel can be amazing but here I often get a bed in a room to myself for the same price or cheaper than a hotel. Still there’s a person around that actually cares, which makes it a bit safer to travel by myself 🙂

If you use airbnb and anything should happened according to unforeseen problems/challenges  you can always contact the company and they’ll find a solution if you can’t find a solution with the host by yourself. Fortunately I haven’t had any problems and I intent to carry on like that 😉 Beside that both host and you get reviewed and the more it happens you’ll get a status which makes it mutual safe to agree on living under the same roof for a short while 🙂

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