Bumblebee Girl on Mission Possible

Fear isn’t real – or that is what a lot of wise  people says. It’s all in the head – YES – I know! but f*ck it’s real to me and my body reacts when it happens. It’s so embarrassing because I’m a “girl in glove”-fighter, bungee jumping, zip-lining, pole climbing kinda girl.

According to a lot of research #1 fear is speaking in front of a lot of people – yes I do get nervous and sweaty, but I can do it.

So what is my fears – spiders no – find them intriguing but allergic to them so not going to get into a close relationship with those guys 😉

For me it’s flying in helicopters or small airplanes beside that being under water in a “tin can” like a sub-marine. And yes it’s real fear because I hyperventilate, sweat, cries etc. – so annoying. Therefore I’m going to face my fears on my trip to down under, so in Darwin I’m going on a excursion where there is a helicopter in the game. In Sydney I’ll take a tandem skydiving jump from 14.000 feet in a tiny airplane – that should cure it 😀

The best thing is that after I’ve decided to do it, it doesn’t seem so bad and I’ve begun go look forward to it 🙂

So guys facing the fear is the best you can do – set yourself free. Just remember a little controllable fear is good so we don’t go out and jump out from a house believing we can fly. PLUS controllable fear can be a great catalyzer if you learn to use the fear in a good way. I had to learn to do it when I teach and … YES – I’m still pretty nervous before I’ve a class or a speech, but as soon as I get started somehow I manage to turn the fear into something good.

You know there is always something good in everything that happens 🙂


Comments on: "Facing the biggest fear" (1)

  1. Debra Skinner said:

    SO proud of you! …. live it out loud 🙂

    Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2016 19:25:23 +0000 To: hellodebrabarber@msn.com


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