Bumblebee Girl on Mission Possible

Oh my – going crazy again  😀 – as you might now I’m changing my life 180 degrees 🙂

I want to move to Australia if possible so to make that possible I’ve set my short terms goals  now:

  1. Have started taking a on-line class to prepare for my IELTS exam the 9th of may 2015. Just delivered my first big task. It seems to go better than I had expected. 5 more to go. (The result will come 3-6 weeks later) – I so need to develop my vocabulary and spelling.
  2. Gonna get good enough to move 1 level up in my swing class.
  3. I’ll start swimming again and have had contact with the local swim center and they have accepted that I use their facilities. This might sound weird to you but because of my dyspraxia my legs often act up in the proces of carrying my body again when I’ve been in the water. And it only happens in this area. I know it’s weird because I can run, jump, dance, swim, take 2 steps at a time, do kick-boxing – but in this situations the legs fuck up 🙂
  4. Get my web-site all up and running with recipes and all.
  5. Exercise with my PT once a week, so my hip can get flexible again after the 3 months on crutches in the autumn. And to get stronger so my next SUP and surf lessons will be much better.
  6. Go through my whole body with the trigger-point training
  7. Once a week at least.
  8. Get my new diet 100% up and running.
  9. Get my CV on linked-in translated to english + translate my references, exam-papers etc. and get them verified at work.
  10. I have to begin to run again since I’ve admitted myself to Color Me Rad in August – 5 km.

This is a lot to get a hold on but I know how to keep me as positive as possible – and guys here comes the important part. We all need to reward ourselves even with small goal and also know how to raise the mood if everything comes tumbling down. For me it’s:

  • my # 1 is getting out on the ocean – but this one is a little hard living were I do, but I’ve pictures from Bondi Beach where I for the first time really had the feeling of being home.
  • Watching Bondi Rescue is my # 2 and their tweets, facebook, you-tubes etc.
  • Watch good movies
  • Sing and dance
  • Feeling strong
  • Take a hike. Mostly I climb Kolsåstoppen (my mountain) but also an area called Sognsvann is amazing. Else I look up what is something going on and walk there.

Beside that I’m grateful for all support I get from my surroundings like friends on facebook, twitter etc. – My network is unfortunately in Denmark, USA and now beginning in Australia beside my angel here in Norway but she’s very busy so I’m grateful for the times we can talk or see each other 🙂

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